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^ 09 october 2008 ^

Lot of new screenshots and infos in Forgotten Frontiers topic.

^ 08 october 2008 ^

Forgotten Frontiers Closed beta started today. You can download it here.

Let me put here info from official site:

You must use this client if you want to access the beta servers. Once you have it, log in with the account from which you originally registered

Some information about the beta:

All characters will begin at level 1 however the experience curve required for each level is drastically reduced. This means that within the short time that the beta is being held you should be able to get up to level 83 while still being able to test out all facets in between, such as the new PvP! The amount you gain at early levels may not seem incredibly different, but as you get higher levels the experience it takes to level up will be only a fraction of what the level might normally require.

Please remember that this is a beta test, and all characters created on the test servers will be wiped before the expansion launches later this month.

And here is official info of changes taken from forum:
  • Increased the level cap to 83
  • Ronark Land Base: Ronark Land Base is a new PvP zone for players from levels 35 – 69. Winning grants Nation Points and experience.
  • Dominion of Krowaz: This is an adventure event similar to Eslant Battle Traps confronting bosses and ultimately taking on Krowaz, the God of Death and General of the Nightmare Army.
  • Oreads: A new additional Lunar War Map, the map used in World Championship.
  • Cursed Weapons: Brand new weapon types that inflict debilitating status effects upon the enemies, must be constructed from the items harvested from Dragon Horse Tribe members and Fossils in Ronark Land. The Cursed Weapons will gain new attributes when upgraded.
  • Monster’s Stones: These are the stones dropped from monsters throughout the world of Carnac. Using them will teleport the player to a special zone where the player will battle with the monster named in the stone. Victory here grants you an Old Unique Accessory. Monster’s Stones are unusable in Moradon, Delos and event dungeons.
  • New Skills for all classes.
  • 7th Defense Armors: Must be crafted using materials found in the Dominion of Krowaz
  • Customizable User Interface: Many changes have been made to the user interface. Windows are now customizable and maybe moved to wherever you did like.
  • Captain Cougar is finally returns from his long vacation!
  • Last but not the least….. BiFrost Returns!!
Yes, i played it already and I posted my 1st impressions and screenshots from beta here of our forum.

More to come, stay tuned :)

^ 28 september 2008 ^

Registration for beta if new expansion has begin today.

I added in hot review of new expansion new experience quests and official info about registration in beta.

^ 27 september 2008 ^

Ugluk-Ha posted on our forum a lot of interesting stuff about new expansion, I merged it to Final Frontiers review. Also added official infos from producer who is talking about new features in Knight Online.

^ 26 september 2008 ^

Hey! Wassup! Still playing Knight Online? xD
I have good news, there is new expansion coming soon - Forgotten Frontiers - and I made little review of it.

You probably thinking "w00t, fresh news in library, kalais back?". The answer is "yes and no". I dont want make promises that I will be updating this site because I just dont know how will my life will be going in near future, there is a lot of happening now and... well, let see how it will be working, and for now enjoy new article about Forgotten Frontiers xD


^ 15 november 2007 ^

My free time which I can spend on updating this site in fact not exist :( I will try make big update after weekend. For today:
Both trailers won fraps contest by K2 Network :) For better experience I suggest download high resolution versions. Enjoy!

^ 28 august 2007 ^

Meh, if you visit forum you alredy know I had some hardware problems. I hope I will back soon to playing KO...
  • new guide for rogue - archer, it was written long time ago by FlyingArrows but it still contains many usefull informations

  • new section master quests with lists of ingrendients for 60, 62 and 70 master/skill quests, still need infos for 70+ skills, if u want help please post here
Because my hardware problems I will miss Inter-Server Wars :( Here are some infos from official site:
  • 600 players per server will be allowed to register for Knight Online’s Inter-Server Wars. The preliminaries will be held on August 29th & 30th at 10:00AM PDT / 20:00 Eastern European time. The finals will consist of two wars, the first starting at 8:00AM PDT / 18:00 Eastern European Time and the second starting at 12:00PM PDT / 22:00 Eastern European Time. A special server will become available for players that have registered successfully when the wars are about to begin. Players MUST create a character on the event server that corresponds to the world that they registered from (example: If you registered on Ares, you must create a character on the special event Ares server). The created characters will begin at level 70. Additional instructions for obtaining gear for these characters will be posted on this page closer to the event date. To register, please login to the game, access the Power Up Store, and click the registration button starting on August 24th (Must be at least level 20 to access the Power Up Store).
Ah, and one more interesting info from official site:
  • This announcement is to remind players that bug abuse carries a 30 day ban and possible account termination. Some players have asked about being able to switch between the Abysses on server 2 and server 3 to fight Isiloon and Felankor. This has been determined to be bug abuse and players found to be doing this will be banned for 30 days. The development team is working to have this bug fixed at this time. We thank our community that plays by the rules and look forward to great times ahead for Knight Online!
So now Dragon Marble abusing is illegal. Good Luck and Have Fun on War!

^ 14 august 2007 ^

Today's all news are about new expansion:
  • in section KO Evolution added some screenshots of new weapons and stats of new accessories

  • the quick review is daily updating, just check it regulary

^ 11 august 2007 ^

Beta of new expansion is out! We can read on official site:
  • I have some REALLY exciting news for all of you today! We have launched the Open Beta for the new expansion for Knight Online so that all of you can experience what is coming in the very near future. It is still a work in progress and there may be issues that you will experience. There is a section in the Official Knight Online Forums titled, "New Expansion Bug Reports" which was created so that the entire community can report any issues they encounter while playing the Open Beta.

  • I made very quick review of new beta
So nice expansion :D Quick review will be updated daily.

^ 08 august 2007 ^

Some visual changes today, reorganized menu, addeed graphical background to site and to forum but thats not only today changes xD
Thing worth mention is K2 deleted finnaly Abyss Fires. No more dupers with 9999 this very rare item.

^ 05 august 2007 ^

Ah, I can't wait new expansion. Today another infos about it and much more:
Don't forget about forum, there is special topic about new expansion.

^ 03 august 2007 ^

Hello! Today more infos for Knight Online fans:
  • new section - 70+ exping guide - check what is best to kill for level 70+ character.
    (thx to ANY who is author of that section)

  • big addition in section mage's damage written by pro paper mage from USKO Berasmus, Szaraczek.

  • section bosses updated (added Felankor and Ultima, modified Lesath and Isiloon drops), in next update I will add images, forgot to prepare screenshots :P
    (thx to jolik for infos)
Ah, I forgot to write in last news. Good news for new players and people who like start over and over again on new servers. There was launched new server in USKO - Girakon. Enjoy!

^ 31 july 2007 ^

Finally made some updates here :D The bad news is Kalais' Library changed again url after problems with previous hosting. Now it is, maybe I will buy new domain later.
Today changes are:
  • new section - KO Evolution - about new big expansion for Knight Online game containing new moradon, new zones, new events, new monsters, pets and other new game features. You may need install divx web player do view some movies.
    (thx to darknezz who is author of that section)

  • new section - ascetic quest
    (thx to amerigo who is author of that section)

  • new section - mss quests - about monster Monster Supression Squads quests
    (thx to jorm who is author of that section)

  • in 7 keys quest section added nice map script showing locations on elmorad side
    (thx to Helen_of_Troy who is author of that script)

  • in other info section experience points for 70+ was fixed

  • in other info section edited guide to geting into abyss on servers 2 and 3

  • in other info section added new monsters which drops shell parts
We can read on official Knight Online site that new Moradon is comming out soon:
  • The new Moradon is not a myth and it is coming very soon for you to experience! New monsters, new items, new areas, new quests, and new events await our players in the near future! As we approach release of this great expansion, keep checking the Official Knight Online Website for news, updates, and content information.

Go to new section - KO Evolution - and see what awaits you!

^ 26 april 2007 ^

There are some very bad news for all MYKO players. Yesterday e-games (owner of MYKO) announced Closure of Knight Online Malaysia.

We can read on myko site:
  • It’s with a heavy heart that we announce that the contract of Knight Online Malaysia is coming to an end on the 30th of June 2007.

    This may come as a shock to many of you but we are trying our utmost best in requesting for an extension of the contract but to our dismay, our request has been so far denied and we will no longer service MYKO any further then the given dates.

    As you may know, the extension of the games contract is solely on the developer’s decision for continuation.

Read full article here (myko website).

P.S. Still waiting for more votes! ;) Vote here what updates you want see on this site.

^ 11 april 2007 ^

Hello Knight Online players!
Kalais' Library is back to life! I know cheating situation changed a bit in USKO, it is not good but better than it was since last news.

There will be new updates soon. Items stats, new guides, movies and some suprises. Stay tuned!

P.S. I want bring forum back to life too, vote here what updates you want see on this site.

^ 06 november 2006 ^

Hi there,
Well, yes, I havent update this site long time, because all me free time what I can spend for KO was spending in-game. But today I decided to quit KO. Knight Online which is hosted by worst company I ever saw - K2 Network - became Massive Multiplayer Cheating Online aka KOXP Online. K2 doing nothing to stop the cheaters.

ASFAIK it is like 30 minutes or maybe less to write script which detect koxp and ban all accounts which use it. But K2 will not do it. Why? Because every koxp account is premium account, if they ban koxp, they ban their money income. K2 dont care about players, they care only about money.

When Game Master login, once for a month or two, he doing some stupid events. In same time, when gm is ONLINE (omg he was really in-game, do u belive it?) you can die in your own base from dead cheater who is killing everyone. Yesterday there was like 50 dead bodies on ares2 in human town. Two dead koxpers was killing every human. Even when you escape, there are thousands of other cheaters who will kill you with arrow shower hack, even warriors cant outpot it. This game aint fun anymore!

I not even mention all those macro parties in elmorad and karus, leveling and farming 24/7. Assasins who shot arows from daggers! Priests who siting and healing siting, archers siting and shoting, autoloot etc.

There is a liitle hope to fix it. K2 Network care only about money, right? So there action called "No Premium In November". How it works? To show your disagree for all kind of cheating just dont buy new premium, dont buy it. If the worst company ever aka K2 will see people stop paying for premium maybe they will realize that it is time to ban koxpers. Click here for original idea.

It is sad that so good game is ruined by so bad company.

I am out
Kalais, Ares, Level 70 Archmage

^ 02 august 2006 ^

Hmm, no idea how to start this news :S So long there was no update here. My apologize! I got not much free time for this site :( But I hope I will make some updates more often now. Some (old) news:

  • Today is a big day for USKO, the Fire Drake expansiow will be launched. It is well known from JAPKO patch named there Bifrost aka Ice Age. There will be lot of new quests, monsters, level 80 cap, new interface, new areas and many more. Here is link for new patch -

  • Like 1 months ago on USKO was launched new server - Manes.

  • With Fire Drake Expansion will be launched new world - Pathos.

  • On MYKO there was "15% Experience and Discount Event". This events was start from the 24th - 31st of July 2006.

Read more about Fire Drake Expansion here (official infos).

^ 30 may 2006 ^

In my opinion this whole international event was very bad. Servers crashed like 4 times during war, and colony zone was bug abused by chineese players... Well, I made screens gallery from today's event, I choosed best screenies from like 400.
Here is link:

Big thx to Prek for giving me access to his account.

^ 27 may 2006 ^

I just made gallery of screens from Knight Online World Championships server!
Here is link: Link updated, should be working fast now.

Big thx to Prek for giving me access to his account. Greetz for messanger aka ViSeH ;)

^ 20 may 2006 ^

Full official informations about Knight Online World Championships are available here!

^ 18 may 2006 ^

The rumors about international war are truth! This is official info from USKO forums posted by KOL admin:
  • Knight Online World Championships is coming!

    United States Knight Online to fight against China Knight Online, Japan Knight Online, and Korea Knight Online!

    War dates will be May 29-30 and June 1-2, 2006 PST.

Another info (a bit old) from official forums is list of GMs (usko):
  • Lead GM's:
    BigBird/:BigBird: - Edana/Cypher/Ares
    Mahina/:Mahina: - Xig/Diez/Beramus

    HerCuleSHumaN/HerCuleSOrc - Ares
    Neohuman/Neoorc - Cypher
    infinitemadness - Edana/Cypher
    Orcpsynite/Humanpsynite - Xig
    HumanNemesis/OrcNemesis - Edana
    Irene_Orc/Irene_Human - Beramus
    IcemaidenHuman/IcemaidenOrc - Diez
    Greenster/:Greenster: - Diez

^ 13 may 2006 ^

Look what I just found on TWKO site! Television commercial of Knight Online, full of 3D rendered animations! You must see it! Very nice! Right click and save as...
Length: only 16 seconds
Size: 4 MB

P.S. I am wondering why Karus Chitin Rogues got axes in hands. I think it is very old trailer, maybe KO was under development when this trailer was made... Still, very nice!

P.S.2 Want to share your thoughts about this trailer? Comment movie on forum.

^ 12 may 2006 ^

Today's update is multimedia update :D
  • there are lot of screenshots and lot of enthusiasm over the internet about the Knight Online Expansion - Ice Age. There is no any official information about release date for USKO or MYKO. I made for you gallery of screenshots from other version of Knight Online where this expansion is already implemented
    Ice Age Gallery - mirror 1 (works slow but no daily transfer limit)
    Ice Age Gallery - mirror 2 (works fast but daily transfer limit)

  • you can talk about Ice Age and comment this screenshots on board

  • added also 3 new very funny movies, nice break from thousands of PK movies

^ 09 may 2006 ^

After long break new update on your favourite Knight Online Fansite ;)

And some news from MYKO:
  • some time ago they added new Power Up Store items:

    Clarity Potion – The potion of recovery gives an increase of 3600 HP & 3000hp Recovery 100 hp every 2 seconds for 60 seconds per usage.

    *(Please take note that the icon when placed in the inventory is invisible with only the quantity shown. This will be fixed as soon as possible. It is still usable as a normal pot by dragging it to the power tray)

    Vegetable Dumpling – Each usage of this increases your running speed for a duration of 1 hour.

    HP Rice Cake – The rice cake increases your max hp by adding on 1500 hp to your total hitpoints per usage and has a long duration.

    Speed Up Rice Cake – This Rice cake increases your movement speed by 150% and also has a long duration of usability.

  • In decision to balance both sides 5th May 2006 until 12th May 2006 there will be nation transfer available. Note that is only for Xydonis and Odin servers. You will be able to make nation transfer from human to orc only. It costs 500 e-points. More official info here.

^ 15 april 2006 ^

Kalais wish you Happy Easter! :)

^ 07 april 2006 ^

My free time is almost not exist but here it is - another update on Knight Online Fansite - Kalais' Library! :D
  • added 10 new Movies, it is over 700 MB of nice Knight Online videos! Stay tune for more, I got much more new videos on hdd but can't find links to it...
  • updated hit points data of Bosses.
The result of Second Inter-server war on USKO are:
  • March 18th, 2006 War - Cypher vs Diez - The Victorious - Diez
  • March 18th, 2006 War - Beramus vs Xigenon - The Victorious - Beramus
  • March 18th, 2006 War - Ares vs. Olympia - The Victorious - Ares
  • March 19th, 2006 Semi-Final War - Diez vs. Beramus - The Victorious - Diez
  • March 19th, 2006 Final War - Ares vs. Diez - The Second Inter-Server War Victor - ARES! (again!)
And here results from First Inter-server war on USKO:
  • December 16th, 2005 War - Ares vs. Xigenon - The Victorious - Ares
  • December 17th, 2005 War - Diez vs. Beramus - The Victorious - Diez
  • December 18th, 2005 Final War - Ares vs. Diez - The First Inter-Server War Victor - ARES!
Ah, and a bit outdated info ;) - 20 march 2006, there was a launch of new server on USKO - Edana

^ 18 march 2006 ^

Today and tommorow on USKO there is a SECOND INTER-SERVER WAR.
  • March 18th CYPHER (Orcs) vs DIEZ (Humans) at 9 AM Pacific
  • March 18th BERAMUS (Orcs) vs XIGENON (Humans) at 11 AM Pacific
  • March 18th ARES (Orcs) vs. OLYMPIA (Humans) at 1 PM Pacific
  • Out of the 3 semi-finalists, the one server that has the highest kill ratio will immediately go on to the Championship Round. The two remaining semi-finalists will battle it out to earn the right to fight in the Final Championship Round.
  • March 19th Semi-Finalist Round at 11 AM Pacific
  • March 19th Final Championship Round at 1 PM Pacific
  • Sign up via the Power Up Store and the first 400 users from EACH NATION will be able to register. Users will have a one way and one time copy of their character onto the Special Event Server. This character copy will not be reusable or be saved.
  • Minimum 2% EXP will be given to all event participants with a chance to get up to 10%.
  • 1st place Winners of Inter-Server War will get up to 10% xp
  • 2nd place Winners of Inter-Server war will get up to 7% xp
  • 3rd place Winners of Inter-Server war will get up to 4% xp
More official info here and here. Good luck!
P.S. I think Ares will win (again). :D

^ 16 march 2006 ^

New usefull infos about Knight Online :D
Unfortunely I don't have much free time lately, so I am making new materials very slowly. Unique weapons stats coming soon! And biiiiiig update of videos! :)

^ 07 march 2006 ^

Another update, this time for those who like artworks!
  • just added 2 new Fan Arts and made there new interface to view works.
I wanna ask you all for something. Please help this site and support it by clicking sometimes on any google advertisments below menu. Thanks! :)

^ 24 february 2006 ^

Hello Knight Onliners!
I see some more people found forum usefull. It is nice! Remember, you all are welcome there :).

^ 15 february 2006 ^

New update on Knight Online Fansite - Kalais' Library:
  • added upgradable armor stats for warrior and priest, so most wanted section is complete!

  • updated drops of Attila and Isilion in boss section.
Some interesting news:
  • Few days ago new patch for USKO updated one of the most famous and hated bugs in Knight Online - Attila's bug. Now this boss drops Warrior, Priest and Elemental Pendants not only on Karus side, but on El Morad side too!

  • Also few days ago USKO received new website. There is more information about game than on previous version, but info about items and bosses is outdated/bugged. So if you looking for stats for boss or items look only to Kalais' Library because only here you can find proper stats in english language. Weapon stats coming soon!

  • Not Knight Online related information, but I decided to put it here because we all know how strong emotions ;) makes in many players K2 Networks.

    "Webzen Inc. announced the company established a publishing license agreement with K2 Network Inc. for their MMORPG MU online. MU online global server is scheduled to be commercialized during the beginning of 2006. With this agreement Webzen will be able to service MU online in both the American and European region through K2 Network for 3 years after commercialization. The license agreement amount of US $2,000,000 is the highest global server publishing license agreement ever made by a Korean game company."

    Source - yahoo, read more - click here.
If you got any interesting news post it on forum!

^ 14 february 2006 ^

Valentine's Day! Much love wish you Kalais :)

^ 11 february 2006 ^

I think many of you will be happy because I know you wanted this badly:
  • added upgradable armor stats for mage and rogue, this stats are proper after Knight Empire/Knight Ascension updates, so Kalais' Library is only english site hosting this stats :D next update will be for warrior and priest
On nice polish KO forum I read that on MYKO you can buy Glass Belt in Power Up Store, I was kinda shocked because it must really unbalance market. Well, I visited MYKO site and I find out they selling not only Glass Belts but many other uniques, shell armors and interesting scrolls like Mount Scroll (By right clicking on the scroll, automatically activates the 50% experience increase. Duration - 1 hour) or Monster Summoning Staff (Summons a random Boss Monster). My personal opinion about this is MYKO is kinda falling down, not many people playing it, so e-games adding this unbalancing stuff just to make money or maybe they count for new players. I don't know. Here are links to MYKO's PUS items: Page 1 and Page 2.

^ 07 february 2006 ^

Another update has come :)
  • added new section about bosses, you can check there how they look, what they drop, how many hit points they have and more!
At this moment I am making armors and weapons sections. I know many of you waiting for this. It is going very slow coz it is very boring job, there are so many items, so many tables and numbers to put on site ;P

^ 03 february 2006 ^

Today's changes:
I see that not many people posting on a forum. Go there and tell the world what do you think about KO, about this site etc. ;)

^ 30 january 2006 ^

Finaly got some free time for making update on website. Well, here it is:

^ 20 january 2006 ^

Really short news this time:
  • just added forum, I hope you will find it usefull!

^ 19 january 2006 ^

New update just arrived ;)
  • the most important thing:
    • Kalais' Library - Knight Online fansite has changed address
    • New address is: ( )

  • added guide for int priest written by Grid and some comments by priestess

  • reorganized a bit menu on the left side of webpage, I hope it is more user-friendly now :)

^ 15 january 2006 ^

Another update of Kinght Online fansite - Kalais' Library. This time: I would like to thank all people who supporting me and leting me using their texts here: (in alphabetical order ;)
0000000, camaz0tz, Eric aka oks, Futurity, Grid, priestess, Yun_Yuuzhan
<3 ya all!

^ 08 january 2006 ^

Welcome in New Year 2006! I hope it will be year of many earned NP's and level up's to 70 :D I made today some changes on site:

^ 23 december 2005 ^

Merry X-Mas and many NP's in new year wish you Kalais :)

^ 22 december 2005 ^

Welcome on new Knight Online Fansite - Kalais’ Library. My name is Kalais and I made this site. You can know me from US version of KO, I play el morad mage on server Ares. Long time ago I have been playing MYKO, but I get bored there and sold my char.

Ok, but the site is not about me, but about KO :) I made this site, because there aren't many KO fansites and I wanted to have all interesting things about KO in one place. Most of info here is from diferent forums and official sites so in most cases I am not the author, I just collected all usefull and helpfull infos and puted on this site.

Some sections are still under construction, some sections will be updated when I found something new. I will probably add screenshot section also. The sucky thing is, that I dont have broadband atm because I am waiting for new internet connection so I am unable to do some actions like downolading new KO movies etc.

If you got anything usefull and you think it should be here, feel free to e-mail me at: kalais (at) angrenost (dot) org . Oh, and if I made (I prolly made lot of) some english language mistakes, pls tell me about it, english is not my native language...

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