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Author: Futurity
Server: ex-Adonis - MYKO
Race: Karus

+ Guide to perfect priest by Futurity +

DO NOT ask for guide for lvl LOWER than 40 and HIGHER than 54.
Just look what You NEED at lvl 40 and aim it.
After lvl 54 its rather easy...


Race: ElMorad Karus
Basic: Basic Basic
Heal: Heal Heal
Curse: Holy Spirit Talisman
Buff: Aura Ecstacy
Advanced(lvl60+): Advanced Advanced

Distribution of SKILL POINTS

lvl = Your character level
Heal = Heal(ElMorad). Heal(Karus)
Curse = Holy Spirit(ElMorad), Talisman(Karus)
Buff = Aura(ElMorad), Ecstacy(Karus)
Unused = unused skill points after specific lvl


Full healer, VERY GOOD for lvling and VERY GOOD for PvP(has debuff at lvl 41).
Stays in the back and heals. Debuffs when needed.
When there is no Rezzer around can use his 60% res gained at lvl 50.
Makes nice hp pots...


VERY GOOD for lvling.
At lvl 40 has +480buff and 480 heal.
Because buffs are more important than heal must add skill points in buff till +960 hp buff.
After lvl 44 put all skill points in Heal.
At lvl 60 will have Heal 60(full heal) and Buff 42(960hp buff).
Makes nice hp pots...


lvl27 heal is VERY important that's why he will get 960hp buff at lvl 44.
You can put all your skill points to Buff at lvl 42 but You will have 240heal till lvl 44....(make sure You reach 480 heal lol).
lvl36 heal is a MUST that's why he gets 200AC buff at lvl53 (instead of 51).
At lvl 54 has +1200hp buff, 200AC buff and 960 heal. PERFECT!
Crappy when someone dies


Hard to lvl, good with heal Priest.
Nice in PvP (has best buffs) and can debuff at lvl 44.
Gains 60%res at lvl 48...useful when there is no Rezzer around.
At lvl 60 has BEST buffs and 70% res.
In PVP: VERY GOOD...usually players don't "trust" healers in pvp and they use POTS! His debuff skill at lvl44 is VERY useful.

Curse/Heal 1 (PvP)

Best for PvP. Needed in every clan because of resurrections.
Its very important to have 36lvl heal as fast as possible because in PvP You can heal your friends effectively (and xping safer).
Have nice Resurrections.
Main task: Curse and Debuff

Curse/Heal 2(Rezzer)

lvl27 heal is a must.
Can party with higher lvl people because of 70% res at lvl 44.
His heal is crappy till lvl 48.
At lvl 48 same as Curse/Heal 1 (PvP) priest.


Its a priest for HARDCORE players.
At the begining he is a buffer ONLY.
No heal makes him hard to lvl (who wants priest that does not heal???)
He is usefull when u have full heal priest in party.
I only see this kind of priest when someone redistribute his skill points at lvl 60.
At lvl 60 he has all curses and +960 hp buff.

Great agains bosses...players dont trust healers....of course because of LAG....
Gains ressurections quickly(first - lvl 47) and who dont needs res when hunting bosses (lol) ??

Distribution of STAT POINTS
STAT Points for priest should be distributed according to ARMOR REQUIREMENTS (that is STR/INT; for Chitin Armor Pauldron STR/INT raises +2 every upgrade).
When the max will be obtained it depends what kind of priest You have chosen:

Main Heal; Buff/Heal
Uses a lot of mana, put as much as You can to INT (but remember about possible armor upgrades)

Main Curse; Buff/Curse
Must have big defense and attack because of his job (debuff). Add STR/INT according to requirements for best weapon for Priest (Priest Impact).
Notice that You will be able to use very nice SHIELD too.


- You should know how much max HP has every party member and use proper healing.
- Don't just click on party members names and heal. LOOK what is going around You. It doesn't matter if u heal guy that have 20% HP left but he is safe … heal other party members who are facing danger…
- If your opponent is tough LOOK who will be hit first and start casting earlier.
- REAL heal time = casting time+LAG
- When fighting bosses use continuous healing and mana pots
- In PvP use two times bigger healing than it is your party member damage taken.

- synchronize buffs - its good tactics because You know when they will drop
- heal even if You have crappy +240heal…
- don't be late with rebuffing(tell your party members that the buffs will drop)
- people usually dies because of buffs' drops not bad healing
- in PvP always try to have full mana

- debuff as much as u can (PvP,bosses)
- don't be afraid to attack… priest can kill to
- never leaves without buffs (in PvP)
- You cant do mistakes when there is no Rezzer around.. lol
- Ask for swift….without it You are useless (in PvP)
- Try to have good resists against Glacier, Lighting and Flame (PvP)
- When xping dont use curses, just heal

Things I dont like in priest
- dont have swift (and 150% speed potions seems not to work)
- makes crappy damage
- low max HP, dies fast
- some skills should become more powerfull with lvl (like slow, malice)
- not good in soloing

Battle Priest
Minimun lvl 62 - judgment.
Go Debuff/Heal. Dont be noob and dont go buff/malice/heal.
Use scrolls.

68 INT so You can use Fabic Pants +6(25arrow) in str.
As pauldron use talia switch it with goblin 1st lvl.

Optimum armors:
Priest Cap 25dagger
Talia & Fabric Coat - Goblin
Fabric Pants 25arrow
Priest Gloves 20spear/25ax
Priest Shoes 20spear/25ax

the key is to have 25dagger cap if You dont have it go with Priest Helmet(25 dagger), its INT(102)

Mirage sword
2xRing Of Courage
2xWarrior earing
Iron Belt/GlassBelt
Iron Necklace

its good to have graham+chitin shield.
its good to put into hp in higher lvls.

Best support priest - Fullhealer/Debuffer
Min lvl 62 so You can have parasite
Go Heal(60)/Debuff(45).
Use scrolls

102 INT so You can use Priest helmet +6(25dagger) in HP.
As pauldron use talia switch it with goblin 2ND lvl(Goblin Pauldron).

STR: 76
INT: 102
HP: max (REMEBER YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 255 HP(health) WITH if You have more with items it DOESNT count, but +hp items count!). Like +hp has Ruby Ring, +HP(health) has Agate Ring/Iron Necklace.

Optimum armors:
Priest Helmet 25dagger (grade 2 armor)
Talia & Goblin Pauldron (grade 2)
Fabric Pants 25arrow or +7 HP Fabric Pants (grade 1)
Priest Guantlet 20spear/25ax (grade 2)
Priest Boots 20spear/25ax (grade 2)

Optimum Items:
Chitin Shield - must have
Lycoan Hammer(one with only resistances)or Lobo Hammer
2xRing Of Life
2xCleric earing
Glass Belt
Amulate of Goddess(or other with lighting/ice resistances)

Good Items:
Ruby Ring
Ice belt/ Lighting belt

The point is to get the highest HP with +hp items(NOT +HP-health items).
So You want to have high base HP and a lot of +hp from items. This will give You overall of 4k hp at lvl 64-65. like 700-800ac.
The resistance will make damage VERY LOW. lower than best armors+8 and You will have more hp.
its very important to have 3k mana so You can go with Full heal(2k mana) and 960 Full heal(1k mana) just after.
Healing looks like: heal+pot.


DO NOT ask for guide for lvl LOWER than 40 and HIGHER than 54.
Just look what You NEED at lvl 40 and aim it.
After lvl 54 its rather easy...

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