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Author: camaz0tz
Server: Diez - USKO
Race: Karus

cama style

lvl 63 is a minimum unless u can full a sally +8 or elixir +8 outta ur ass then 62 will suffice

items ull need:

-crimson gloves +7
-crimson boots +7
-complete robe +7(or crimson +8...preferably crimson +8)
-crystal or crimson gob pads
-spear defense crystal gloves
-spear defense crystal boots
-spear defense crystal hat
-dagger defense crystal hat
-axe defense crystal gloves
-axe defense crystal boots
-sword defense crystal gloves
-sword defense crystal boots
-sword defense crystal hat

at LEAST the following jewelry:

-kekuri belt(best case scenario a glass belt)
-2x RoM(best case RoL, i used 1 emerald and 1 hp +6 for a long time and it worked fine)
-2x cleric earrings(no not mage!!!!! case get 2x warrior earrings)
-EP(if u want/have the money get iron neck but always keep an EP with u...hp bonus is unmatched )

-minimum of elixir +7...substitutes can be elixir +8 or sally +8 but nothing less than elixir +7

stats: (based off of lvl 63 with elixir +7)
str: 51
hp: 50
dex: 70
mp: 128
int: 193

skill bar: these are my skills bars what i found to work best...figure out ur own or use these its up to u but these all have a certain purpose

page one: General Party vs Party Tab
1-Charged Blade
2-Ice Blast
5-Thunder Blast
6-Acid Pots(for those pesky light talias)
7-mana pot
8-nova(not for use...only to know when my aoe's are ready to use again)

first tab to be used to its best goes like this: goto page four drop ur novas down then go page one run in and use charged blade potting when necessary if someone starts to run away use 2,3 in that order...then use 5,4 in that order on someone else...its a mage combo by the time the blast hits the person the thunder or lightning(depending which ur using) will hit at the exact same time for double damage(roughly 400 damage total compared to 200 seperate which is the same dmg as a nova ) then back to blading...always blade the priests first

page two: support tab
2-80 lr
3-gate(ur best friend if ur in trouble spam pots and spam gate til u get out alive)
4-50 gr
6-reds(set to right click on this tab for two reasons: first so it doesnt waste a spot on first page, second so that u can watch how many reds left while u spam them for gate)
7-mana pots

learning when to tp will save not only ur party but urself cuz if ur parties alive they can keep u alive by continuing to fight...gate can be used no matter how much hp u have left and can only be cancelled by a GOOD sin combo so use that to ur advantage...i did spent most of my time gating away from death with less than 100 hp left

page three: 1v1 tab
1-charged blade
2-static hemisphere
6-reds(just to see how many u have remaining...u should only use right click for reds)
7-mana pots

wow a 1v1 tab for a light mage? yup u heard me...put whatever resist armor u have for the class ur fighting then do this...blade til target is stunned...once target is stunned use impact, discharge, then as many statics as u can before stun wears off, then use a thorn to recover the hp lost during that time then back to blading until stunned...lather, rinse, repeat and u just won a 1v1 as a light mage...try to keep ur hp as close to full at all times so that when u need a mp pot u can use it and only lose a little hp not enough to kill u

page four: aoe tab
1-thunder burst
3-static nova
5-absolute power
7-mana pots

general aoe tab for harpies or party vs party pk...for party vs party use absolute power(it works now for pk since KE), bliz first ALWAYS, static nova, then thundercloud, then back to page 1 til #8 on page one says ur aoe's are ready again

page five: scroll tab
1-hp scroll
2-ac scroll
3-speed pot

self explanatory...keep scrolled up for pk

how to be the best u can with this build:

1) use the resistance armor to ur advantage ALWAYS changing it as the situation fits...against duel weilding warriors put 1 axe def on and 1 spear def on, against raptor warriors put full spear on, against sin just dagger hat and crimson armor, against bp full sword def

2) learn how to slide...this isnt a skill that can be told took me a lot of practice blading ravens and harpies til i could blade them til i ran outta mana only getting hit once or twice...then i took it to pk and fought sliding warriors to the point i was successfully blading them more often than they could hit me(choose warriors cuz they slide and will use lr pots so u wont stun em and can practice sliding more )

and there we go a more or less quick guide to being a well known and feared light mage just get used to the fact everyone will run from u =\

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