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Kalais got hacked or bugged... new Moradon and stronger towers

02 July 2011

Hello after looong break!

Whats new in Knight Online

1. Kalais got hacked or bugged

Today is sad news. I logged to Knight Online after long break and... my character was half naked. 90% of my items are gone, ofcourse all the best ones. Also there is no coins on my account. I spend so much time on playing and gethering all stuff, it is so sad it all gone just like that.

I just send support ticket and described my problem. Lets check is Gamersfirst company will do anything about it. I hope they do. I will let you know here and on Twitter if anything will be restored.

2. New Moradon

And something more fun, about 1 month ago Moradon changed a bit. As we can read on official website:

Moradon has been rebuilt bigger and better than ever. Players will be able to enjoy the classical architecture and new sights, particularly the vast central courtyard for merchants to sell their wares.

3. Stronger towers

And yesterday patch 1875 was released. It contains very usefull update.

• Increased tower damage in Ronark Land. They have been upgraded to hit harder.
• Additionally, Guards summoned by mages will take more damage from towers. If that doesn't resolve the issue, we'll take additional steps.

Knight Online World Championship scores

17 September 2010

The World Championship is over. And the winner is...

Few screenshots from Korean website - click here.

25% exp and coin event will be hold for next 48 hours as a prize.

Sept. 13th (JP vs USA) - 671 vs 463
Sept. 14th (KO vs JP) - 2513 vs 678
Sept. 15th (KO vs USA) - 1655 vs 1872
Sept. 16th (3rd place vs 2nd place - JP vs USA) - 1054 vs 1461
Sept. 17th (1st place vs 2nd place - KO vs USA) 1959 vs 1314

Knight Online World Championship event and C-West exp event

04 September 2010

1. 6th Knight Online World Championship Event

The battle between three versions of Knight Online will take place Sept. 13th to Sept. 17th, 2010. Players from World, Korean and Japan version of KO, will fight again. Schedule:

Since 09/03/2010 register in power-up store via ingame button.

Trial (Practice) Server
Sept. 7th (Korea)
Sept. 9th (Japan)
Sept. 10th (USA)

Live Server
Sept. 13th (JP vs USA)
Sept. 14th (KO vs JP)
Sept. 15th (KO vs USA)
Sept. 16th (2nd place vs 3rd place)
Sept. 17th (1st place vs 2nd place) Winner!

Like before, characters created will all be level 83 and all the abilities will reset. You will be provided 1 free appearance change. (Ability pts: 292, Skill pts: 148 and you will receive 300 million Noah). NPCs will sell all uniques accessory and armors.

2. Carnac West - 26% Bonus EXP

From now until the end of summer, you'll earn 26% bonus EXP when you log into Carnac West every Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

News system changes

30 August 2010

Today we got small update on the website. News system got new headers and a lot very small, cosmetic changes. Everything should be more clear and easier to read now. I could also add comments system, anyone would like to see it here? If you do, reply/vote in special topic on our forum.

PvP server, Character Seal Scroll and Knight Online Championships

29 August 2010

Another portion of news from Knight Online World.

Whats new in Knight Online

1. Patch 1847 - changes on PvP server

You are now able to purchase items from the Sundries that are located in the PvP server. Players were unable to purchase these items needed for their master skills. The following items may now be bought in the PvP server:

Spell of Impact
Spell of Thorn
Judgment Scroll
Absolute Power Scroll
Magic Shield Scroll
Scream Scroll

2. Patch 1848 - Character Seal Scroll

With patch (1848) we received long waited come back of the Character Seal Scroll. It is available in the Power-Up Store for the price of 3999 Knight Cash. There is also a security feature with the Character Seal Scroll. When you try to purchase a CSS you will be prompted to validate your account by providing correct payment information. You will need to verify either ESN or Click & Buy payment info. You will have 2 tries to provide the payment information. If you fail on the 3rd try, you will be locked out of validation and won’t be able to purchase a Character Seal Scroll.

Additional info:
- Character Seal Scroll cannot be traded
- Cypher ring is tradable (you get it after sealing character with CSS)
- Character Seal Scroll is in the PUS under the Drake’s Goods tab

3. KO Championships in September

The global championship is coming up in September and K2 will be releasing official dates soon. There will be three days for an open practice period (KOKO first day, JPKO second day, KOW third day) followed by five days of the live tournament.

PvP server and Knight Online Comic Book contest

17 August 2010

The PvP server has been launched! Also Knight Online Comic Book contest goin' on.

Whats new in Knight Online

1. PvP server

Three days ago official PvP server has been launched. There is no monsters nor quests on this server. Just pure PvP action.

  • Every player starts at level 70
  • Win unique weapons, accessories and armors
  • Top 60% of players can transfer their characters to a live server (except Kronos and Ionia)
  • Better rewards for players who dominate the server
  • 24/7 PvP action with full Lunar War events
  • Join clans and choose your allies carefully, only the strong survive

Addition info from official topic:

The new PvP server will be open for 60 days and players with any type of premium will be allowed to enter. Every character that participates will be eligible to get rewards based on the ranking determined by how many Nation Points were gained.


1. Must make a new account to enter
2. Free2Play and Premium accounts can access the server.
3. Only premium accounts can access the PvP zones.

General Information:

1. A character will be created at level 70 with all of its stats and skill points available for distribution. (Stat points: 227, Skill points: 122, Noah: 300 million)
2. Once you enter the event, players will be able to change his/her appearances at no cost.
3. Skill usage is limited to using only the skills available to a level 70.
4. Power-Up Store items can be purchased and used


1. Players will be able to select rewards from a list after the PvP server closes.
2. Prize list contains: Armors, weapons, and accessories.
3. Rewards will be given out based on the amount of National Points earned during the 60 days of the PvP event.
4. When the event comes to an end, any Premium items and their time left over will be transferred along with the character. Please note: The rewarded character and prize item will be sealed along with its PUS items and be sent as a letter to a server of your choice (with the exception of Ionia and Kronos)

Map Information:

1. There will be 6 zones available for players to use.
2. Players can enter Colony Zone until a war begins. Players can also increase their NP in order to elect a commander for Lunar Wars. However, the victorious nation from the war cannot be invaded by the enemy nation.
3. Ardream is open to all levels
4. Lunar Wars are only on Server 1


1. The only NPC’s in the PvP server are: Kayra, Hemes, Kaishan, Inn hostess, Cape/Mantle merchant, weapon merchant, armor merchant, Sundries merchant, potion merchant, accessory merchant, and PvP Noah Banker (Noah Banker NPC provides 100,000,00 Noah every time you talk to it).
2. Please note: Clans created will automatically become Royal Knights-Grade 1


1. Ardream, Ronarkland Base, Ronark Land (Colony Zone) Wars
-Nation Point: 50 NP is awarded for killing a player from the opposing nation. NP does not decrease upon death by an opposing nation player (for electing commander reasons)
2. Lunar Wars
-Nation Point: 50 NP will be awarded for killing a player from the opposing nation. NP does not decrease upon death by an opposing nation player.
-Participants: Only the first 250 from each nation can enter.

2. Knight Online Comic Book contest

On the official forums - till August 31st, 2010 - there is Comic Book contest. Winners will be announced September 1st, 2010. 2 winners from the English community and 2 winners from the Turkish community will be choosen. Prizes will be 2 Power-Up Store items and your comic book entries will be posted on the official Knight Online Facebook!

To enter contest, follow this link.

Archer skills, Knight Online PvP Server and new premiums

26 July 2010

Was wondering what's new in Knight Online World (aka USKO/TRKO)? Read and enjoy! :)

Whats new in Knight Online

1. High level Archer skills moved to server-side

First of all, the most important change in last few years imho was patch 1831 released at 06/30/2010. It moved archer skills abused by cheaters to server-side. It means infamous macroers can't spam anymore counter-strike and power-shot. It is great information, beacuase you won't get owned in few secunds in PvP by cheaters.

2. Knight Online PvP Server

Another interesting news is announcement send via emails about PvP server. Let me quote it:

We're launching a brand new PvP server in August! The Breaking Point PvP server features the PvP experience you know and love with no leveling or questing required and more:

  • Start the server with a high level character
  • Reward system based off cumulative National Points gained
  • Bring your rewards and characters back to the live servers!

Check the official Knight Online website for PvP server updates and more!

It sounds fun, it can be official replacement for very popular private servers...

3. USKO new Premium Services

And the last news is info about new premium services on USKO (quote from offcial website):

We are proud to announce the release of two new premiums for Knight Online! These premiums are substantially different from our current premium offerings and will offer new ways to enjoy premium and its benefits. We now have Experience and Discount premium available in the Power Up Store.

Experience Premium:

  1. 400% EXP Boost for levels 1-50
  2. 300% EXP Boost for levels 51~ 60, 61~70: 200%, 71~80: 120% ,81~: 100%
  3. EXP loss by only 1% on character's death
  4. Item sell price to NPCs increased
  5. 50% discount on item repair price
  6. NP +12 on every PK
  7. 100% Noah Drop Boost
  8. Item Seal
  9. Item Droprate increase
  10. Trina's Piece
  11. Preferred game access 24/7

Discount Premium:

  1. New ore obtainable from use of gold pickax
  2. DC Store(consumables) use (potions and other items can be bought with discounted prices)
  3. Item sell price to NPCs increased
  4. 50% discount on item repair price
  5. 100% Noah Drop Boost
  6. NP +12 on every PK
  7. 50% discount on item repair price
  8. Item Seal
  9. Item Droprate increase
  10. EXP increase by 30% for all levels
  11. Trina’s Piece
  12. Preferred game access 24/7

The premiums are priced accordingly to current available premiums and offer a lot more perks and rewards in exchange for no Gift Cash bonuses. Experience Premiums offer more experience based perks while discount premiums offer more coin based rewards.

Knight Online World Championships and Twitter

17 September 2009

I know, I know, there was no update here long time. Today is good news, we have little update. As you probably know, we have now KWC - Knight Online World Championships, here is small gallery with some photos from it + some infos below images.

There is also some old news, Kalais Library is on Twitter and it is updated pretty often. Check it out for latest news from Knight Online.

Show older news.

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