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Author: jorm


As of this writing there is a bug in the MSS2 quest that not only enables party members to kill you but also gives them half of the money you have on you when they do. SO EMPTY YOUR MONEY AT INN BEFORE STARTING! Im unsure if this is the case in the other MSS quests but I wouldnt take a empty coins!


There are two places to get defense armors: Monster Suppresion Squad 2 and Monster Suppression Squad 3. MSS2 is intended for lvls 46-50 and MSS3 is 64+. You can obtain MSS2 and MSS3 quests from the same NPC who you get the Recon and & keys quest from. There is a 20 minute time limit for MSS2. Unsure of MSS3 time limit. You DO NOT lose xp for dying in these quests :D If you die you just respawn at the begining or the last checkpoint.


The quests are a sense. You CAN turn in the certificates over and over for multiple weapons so long as SOMEONE ELSE is initiating quest. You CAN NOT initiate the quest for everyone, get your prize, and then initiate the quest again. However if you do initiate the quest and finish dont fret... you can still get in using someone else as your key (as in have then initiate the quest for you).

### The major differences between MSS2 and MSS3 are as follows ###

MSS3 - Level 64+ - Tier 1 Def Armors
MSS3 mobs include Ancient Golems, Cantausians(Centaurs that uses Arrow Shower), Rimotrians(uber-Riotes) and Ashtonians all of which are all extremely storong and only drop tier 1 defense armors. So unless you are a BP or Paper Mage then then difficulty will not outweigh the payoff of MSS3. The MSS3 boss is Patos's Messanger.

MSS2 - Level 46-50 - Tier 5 Chitin Def Armors
MSS2 mobs include Twin Apes, Desert Haungas and Orc Scouts. Though they are tougher than their weaker cousins, they far easier than any MSS3 mob. This is where you find Chitin Def Armors and is where most ppl will want to farm. The MSS2 boss is Grape Ripper.

### How to Initiate Quests ###

To get into these quests you just need to be partied with someone of the coreect level. Even if you arent the right level for the quest as long as you are in a pty with someone who is, then when they initiate the quest you will be tp'ed there too. Put simply: For MSS2 have a party member be lvl 46-50 and go start quest.... everyone in party of ANY LEVEL will be transported to quest. .......... For MSS3 have a party member be lvl 64+ and go start quest.... everyone in party of ANY LEVEL will be taken to quest. Remember the person of the applicable level is the one who must initiate the quest.

### Sub-Guide for MSS2 ###

The ideal party would consist of any class lvl 46-50 (this is your key to get in), a Buffer/Healer and 2+ Strong Melees. The area is rather confined so mages are somewhat ineffective and may die fast... but no xp lost so no big deal. Get pots and whatever you need and have your key start the quest.

The area is divided into 4 sections, each divided by a gate that you must Attack to destroy:

Section 1: 6 Desert Haungas, 2Twin Apes - Pretty straightforward section.

Section 2: 6 Desert Haungas, 7 Twin Apes, 5 Orc Scouts - Towards the end of this section there is a tight group of 5 Twin Apes blocking a bridge. On the hill next to these just out of site are 5 Orc Scouts who will randomly attack you. If you notice your HP dropping rapidly that would be them.... just run and they will come down the hill enabling you to attack them. Orc Scouts use arrow shower so if you get too close they will cut you down FAST. Best to use the skill-s-r combo. The Gate at the end of this section has rocks that fall and damage you when you get near it so take caution.

Section 3: 3 Desert Haungas, 3 Twin apes, 8 Orc Scouts - This area is somewhat of maze due to various fallen debris... and the Orcs sorta shoot at you from in between it. Just work your way thru it sorta trial and error thru here, but once you get a method down itll be easy.

Section 4: 1 Desert Haunga, Ripper - Do not bother going in here cuz if you beat the ripper the quest is over and the person who initiated the quest can not do so again. Just town to take you to the start and use your respective tp gates.

Lather, rinse, repeat!!

### Now for some info on the drops themselves..... ###

Dont forget to loot EVERYTHING!!! And dont get dicouraged if you dont get a drop in the first few runs. In my experience when this happens then you usually end up getting a run with a lot of drops to make up for it, so be persistent.

5th Tier (Chitin) armor drops from MSS2 mobs and and 1st Tier (BP/Paper Mage) armor drops from MSS3 mobs. As usual mage/priest is the most common and rogue/warrior somewhat less but not uncommon by any means.

The drop rate for is roughly 1/35-1/45 and all drops as +1. The rate does however seem to vary according to the type of weapon def. This is a very rough estimate as I havent gotten enough of specific types to know for sure but the rates per def type are as follows:

Dagger - 1/150 to 1/200
Spear - 1/100 to 1/130
Club - 1/75
Ax - 1/50
Sword - 1/40

The type of weapon def and amount of points of def are the same for all classes:

Helmet - Dagger - 3 DD at +1
Pauldron - Club - 5 CD at +1
Gloves - Sword - 5 SwD at +1
Pads - Ax - 5 AD at +1
Boots - Spear - 3 SD at +1

The success of upgrading is no different then KE. The point increases are as follows: +1>2 gains 2 points of def..... 2>3 gains 2 point of def..... 3>4 gains 2 points.... 3>4 gains 2points..... 4>5 gains 2 points..... 5>6 gains 3 points....6>7 gains 4 points. +7 is the highest I've gotten anything so far so thats all the info I have till trinas are once again tradeable.

Hope this helps someone and let me know if anything is wrong.

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