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Author: Darknezz + minor text editing by Kalais + official infos from K2 Network

EDIT: Evolution was beta name of expansion "Moradon - The Ressurection" and it is already out.

  1. New Moradon
  2. Border Defense War ( 60 - 69 lvl )
  3. Eslant Dungeon ( 70+) [no more noobs]
  4. Pets
  5. Overall game changes
  6. Clan system
  7. Known Bugs
  8. Nation town
  9. Official Sneak Previous

^ 1. New Moradon ^

The City of Moradon is totaly new (you may have already seen it).

The gates are changed (ill be using karus stuff since im karus)

Both CZ and Breth need req. 45 lvl

Moradon is made to support player to 45, biggest mobs are AK-type mobs and Haunga-type mobs

Moradon has the same pvp arena like before plus an external one witch is right out of town (Good for doing public 1vs1's). The arena npc is right next to it

There is few more NPC's in moradon:
  • Some new quest NPC's that are still not in use
  • A fortune teller (cool pictures has)
  • NPC dummies to train on
  • Pet NPC
  • Moradon Guide NPC
  • Wondering NPCs that run away when you click them
Stuff like that there...

The Forgotten Temple has been moved to a special place.

[Addidtion by Kalais]
Map of new Moradon (click on image to enlarge)

Here is quick movie showing new moradon made by Darknezz:

Here are 2 movies which you can find on youtube showing also new moradon:

Moradon "flyby" preview:

Knights Who Say NI - Moradon Preview:

[End of addidtion by Kalais]

^ 2. Border Defense War ( 60 - 69 lvl ) ^

The is a way to exp easy 60-70

Here is a movie of it:

To see this video you may need install DivX Web Player

Two times a day for example at 13:15 and 17:15 a girl appears on your screens right down corner asking you to join. The options are Y/N.
After you click YES appears a windows that show how many people will be in. The battle is in a 8man cell meaning 8vs8.
The server chooses your partner, the basic formula is 2 warriors 2 rogues 2 mages 2 priests. At the last cells there may not be enough of all classes so it goes random.
If the people are 81 only 80 will join, so when you are on the event just devide the people on 8 so you can see how much will join.

The map is rather small.
The goal is to destroy the elmorad crystal.
You can win by destroying it or by more kills.
Both ways give you same wining amount of exp.
If your cell looses you get 5 or 4 % of exp (lower lvls get 5 higher get 4)
If you win the exp is 8-10% (lower 10 higher 8)

The battle is 30 minutes
If you manage to break the crystal the battle ends after 30 sec.
If you can't destroy it the battle ends after the time limit.

Way of breaking the crystal:

In the middle of the map there is another nautral crystal witch you need to break first in order to make any dmg to the opposite nation one.

If you get disconnected after login you will be in moradon.
If you are dead when the event ends that means NO EXP.
If you are disconnected on the countdown to start (witch is 5 mins) - you don't get in.
Inside the cell the party can not be disbanded

There is a Sundries shop and a HP/MANA shop.
You can leave thru the gate near those NPC's
The after death/start spawn point is safe from enemy attacks (wise if you and have 1 minute left + you team leads - to stay there)

^ 3. Eslant Dungeon ( 70+) [no more noobs] ^

This is a once a day event for levels 70 and higher


To see this video you may need install DivX Web Player

The NPC for it is located in ESLANT

Example start time is 12:40

At the start time everyone click on the npc (like temple) but you get a 9 minutes countdown.

The battle is in 8 man cells again.

The game uses same method as the Border Defense event.

Here is the map:

After the countdown the 8 man cells are teleported to the fighting maze

Inside there is first 3 stages of mobs and then a boss.
The boss stage is also the meeting with opposite nation place.
In there if you die no exp will be lost.
There is 4 mobs on every stage witch spawn 5 normal mobs ( Dooms, Apos or TC)
The last stage has a boss - he can't move from his place so the battle can be around him.
After death you respawn on the last complete stage.

8vs8 70+ parties is actually the hard part, cuz if you meet will be a long battle (from what I have seen).

The mobs on the way drop stones (useable in chaotic generator)

The stage 1-3 mobs usually drop low stones, the boss drops higher.

Wining is possible from:
A. Killing the boss.
B. Making more kills.

Usually the stronger team kills the boss before the other even reaches it.
Once the boss is killed the event ends.
The total time is 50 minutes.
After a win you loose 1% of exp.
After a win you get a high grade stone (not always tho)
If you loose - you get the lowest stone.
The stones won on the way are not releated to the win/loose drop - its done automaticly to your inventory.

The stones contain all new items for every class + accessory stuff + more stuff

Here are some items of it:
Me with the Eslant Dagger:

A friend of mine with the Eslant Bow:

Unique accesory:
(Note that the names may not be same as the USKO version, also there might be mistakes since this is from database not from screenshots)

Minotaur Earring
HP 80
fire resist 10
glacier resist 10
lightning resist 10
poison resist 10

コカトリス Earring
DEF 15
HP 60
fire resist 10
glacier resist 10
lightning resist 10

Rich King Earring
DEF 10
HP 60
SP 10
MP 5
Health 5
fire resist 10
glacier resist 10
lightning resist 10
poison resist 10

Lilium Earring
DEF 15
HP 60
Health 5
fire resist 10
glacier resist 10
lightning resist 10
magic resist 10

Light Ring of Courage
DEF 10
HP 50
Health 5
fire resist 40
glacier resist 10
lightning resist 40
curse resist 30

Light Ring of Life
DEF 30
HP 50
SP 30
Health 8
fire resist 20
glacier resist 30
lightning resist 40
curse resist 30

Light Skeleton Belt
Attack rating + 50%
DEF 10
Health 5
Dagger DEF 5
Club Def 5
Spear Def 5
glacier resist 30

Light Belt of Life
HP 50
SP 50
Health 10
fire resist 20
glacier resist 30

Light Belt of Strenght
HP 50
SP 50
STR 10
fire resist 20
glacier resist 30

Light Belt of Dexterity
HP 50
SP 50
DEX 10
fire resist 20
glacier resist 30


Coming soon

^ 4. Pets ^

Everyone can get a pet.

The quest is extremly hard - the player must kill:
  • 10 worms
  • 10 kekoons
  • 10 bulcans
  • 10 bandicots
After completing the quest the owner gets a pet hatching stone. That stone is used in the same NPC to get your pet. It looks like the magic anvil and there you also choose the name of the pet. Pet names look like this - if your char name is "Pr0nSr4r" and the name for your pet is "Gayboy" - the pet will be named "Pr0nSt4r's Gayboy".
  • The pet becomes like a mask item witch you have to put next to the armor slot above the shield place.
  • To summon your pet you must buy summoning jewels witch are 10k.
  • When you log out or teleport your pet is gone so you have to summon it again.
  • Low lvl pets dont loose exp when they die but avobe 30 lvl they will lose some exp.
The pet NPC is located outside of moradon - turn left after the exit. The NPC has 5 buttons:
  1. Create Pet
  2. Rename it (not yet)
  3. Food/Summon item shop
  4. Unknown
  5. Walk away
Pets have HP/MANA/FOOD/EXP bar. The pets info/inventory/skills are on the key "P"

Exp, hp, mp, resists, atk, def and its auto calculated ( meaning you can't change anything ).

Inventory - has a place for 1 weapon, 1 armor, 1 necklace - these are quest items so you cant put your uber gear on it. There is located the food dump (like the trash bin on your char) and also few slots of invetory we are unuseable at the moment - meaning that you can have different type pet items.

Pets have skill lvl 1-60 (that may mean that the max lvl is 60)
Skill are combat or player helping.

The pet skillbar appears next yours - you can move it - it changes possition to match your skillbar. The pet keys are Alt+1 to Alt+0

  • Pets can attack each other in every town.
  • Pets can not go in violent zones such as CZ.
  • Pets get exp from what they hit/kill.
  • Pets can use your pots. You can heal them with any type hp potion and fill their mana with mana potions.
  • You can not heal/buff/swift pets.
  • Pets can be in Agressive or Passive mode. That decides if they should follow your attack or not.

In our server pets are still in testing so its not the full info.

Screenshots will come later because I have been extremly busy and could not do even the movie.

^ 5. Overall game changes ^

There is some minor stuff that is really a pain in teh ass if you know what i mean.
Since i can't think of all the stuff now ill update in time.
  • In ROFD the drop of Opals and stuff was everywhere (almost) but now its only on very low mobs like AK. So they will become rare and expensive (better buy now so you wont cry later)
  • The inventory has more stuff : at the valky place there is room for 2 Bags witch can expand your storage.
  • The "mask" items is added (right side of the armor).
  • The game map is ZOOMable.
  • The right click green line is changed to a purple vortex black hole thingy.
  • The skills don't just blink when they are ready but when they are about to be ready too
  • The game has its own video recorder integrated (still beta).
  • Assasin's Bloody Beast is +30% dmg!

^ 6. Clan system ^

The clan system is totally changed

The grades are 15 (3x5)

Grade 5-1 (3rd rate) can use normal capes witch are short.

Grade 5-1 (2nd rate) can use muti color short capes - usualy 2 colors changing on the light
Also have special capes with "vinyls" ( didn't find the word for this but if you have seen Need for Speed games you should know what im talking about)

Grade 5-1 (1st rate) can use the same as 2nd rate but the capes are long and they even hit the floor

Costume color capes require NATIONAL POINTS from the clan stash.

After the quest for 2nd rate is done ( killing Isiloon - dont worry it spawns just for you (no drop ofc))
Any member can import his national points into the clan. Those points can be use for cool capes.
Cheapest cape 36k NP, best cape 2.9m NP.

After your clan is grade 1 (3rd rate)
You get a quest - to kill Isiloon in a special room (made like her original spawn place).
For 1st rate the quest is to kill Fire Drake in a room (made like his original spawn place).
The rule to be top grade on 1st rate is to have 10m or more clan national points.

When PK-ing you get 1 more line on the points after kill - those are honor points for the clan witch are added to the imported national points.

At anytime you can see the added point status + who added what amount.

The system still doesnt show correct everytime - like the in clan the ??/36 status at some places

Hopefuly for USKO all will be without bugs.

If there is a sub clan witch is not rate 2 it cant use the main clan's color so it takes the basic color of the cape. (if you have made a purple-yellow one from yellow cape the sub clan will have yellow).

Excuse the not-so-good english.

^ 7. Known Bugs ^

  • Leg cutting, Scream and any other freezing skills can get bugged to affect 100%.

  • Stackable items may become dupable.

  • At Eslant event some of the bridges may not work and you cant go forward.

  • There is many more but I cant remember right now.

^ 8. Nation town ^

In the main nation town luff/elmo castle there a top 15 board. Also the flags of top 5 clans of that nation. And this is your favorite part:


The armor names are ( grade 7 )
  • Warrior : Dragon set
  • Rogue : Mythrill set
  • Mage: Abyss set
  • Priest: I forgot

Armors have more def than shell and give BONUS when having 2 or more parts. Example:

Rogue 2 parts: 5 dex 5 health 30 cold 20 light resists
Rogue 5 parts: 400 hp 15 dex 8 health 350 mana 30 all resist

The medals are used in chaotic generator

They are from: 10000 NP, 30000 NP, 50000NP


The Full armor stats and other stuff will be updated in a day max.

^ 9. Official Sneak Previews ^

Below you can find infos about new patch taken from official US Knight Online site:

Subject: Sneak Preview: Training Area
Publication Date: 25 july 2007
Source: USKO official site

The new Moradon is not a myth and it is coming very soon for you to experience! New monsters, new items, new areas, new quests, and new events await our players in the near future! As we approach release of this great expansion, keep checking the Official Knight Online Website for news, updates, and content information.

Check out this new area that is in the expansion!

Subject: Sneak Preview: Training Area
Publication Date: 30 july 2007
Source: USKO official site

Here is a sneak preview of one of the areas in the upcoming Moradon expansion - the Training Area! Hone your skills and learn to maximize your combo damage on 3 types of training dummies: leather, chain, and iron. Then take your training to the next level by hitting a moving target! The new Moradon Training Area contains everything you'll need to be ready to challenge players in PVP combat, so prepare yourself for this next great development in the world of Knight Online!

Subject: Sneak Preview: Clan Hall
Publication Date: 01 august 2007
Source: USKO official site

For our next installment of the New Moradon Sneak Preview we are proud to announce a new addition to the capital cities of Luferson and El Morad- the Clan Hall. This extravagant hall is the perfect place to schedule a clan meeting or announcement, and features the guild cape logo of the highest ranking clan! So battle on for the highest rank, and let everyone know who the most powerful knights are!

Subject: Sneak Preview: Arenas
Publication Date: 03 august 2007
Source: USKO official site

Today we have a sneak preview of the Melee and Party Arenas in the New Moradon expansion! You will now be able to challenge your foes in public view, fighting in the Arenas attached to Moradon. Show your fighting skill as other players stand outside these areas and watch you fight individually or as a group!

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