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Author: Hermdigi + additional guide by Szaraczek
Server: Xydonis - MYKO / Berasmus - USKO
Race: Karus / Elmorad


The great Hermdigi has done several tests with different mage builds. Hopefully this will help orcs and humans...and make those human mages more brave to come after me. So far being a paper mage has the highest damage possible towards humans in CZ. I've tested several staffs, armors and INT/MP builds.


MP: 245
INT: 112
3912 HP
4412 MANA
741 Defense

Full lvl 2 magician armor +7/hp
Wreath of Erenion +7

Elemental Pendant +2
White Silver Earring +1
Secret Silver Earring
Glass Belt

RESULTS: The staff is unbelievable. Even though the INT req is 112 and MP 245 to hold this staff, the AP is 85, flame dmg 78. The alchemy staff is higher @ 88 AP and flame 64, however the wreath of erenion hits much harder, even more than a lyacon +8 staff. This build also allows you to wear lvl 2 mage armor, not lvl one. This gives you the same HP, but higher defense. Highest dmg done to a human was 1450 to my favorite target Lordxander using lvl 70 incineration. Lordxander is NOT a noob with noob items, either. Most times in AOE kills 8-10 humans. Continuous dmg is very high as well, from the flame dmg 78. When I lvl above lvl 70, I'll add more to MP, doing more dmg to humans. My goal is 2K each spell.


INT: 225
MP: 132
HP 3856
MANA: 7112

Elixer +8
Full Complete Armor +7/hp

(same items)

RESULTS: This is obviously a build for stunning and slowing humans. 2 lvl 70 novas slow everything down almost every time. The dmg is in the 400-600 range, very low compared to 1000-1200 with my Wreath+7. The skill that stuns the most is the lvl 51 static orb. over 90% stun rate to players with 0 light resist. 80% with 50% light resist, 50% to 80 resist. and so forth. This information came directly from the developers of Knight Online. Problem with being a stun mage, is that the stun doesn't last long at all...and soon the humans are running full speed again, after suffering very little damage from the stun spell.

Ice novas hurt, and keeps them slow, making them easy to kill in a full battle. This build allows me to hold the elixer+8 and full complete armor, having over 1100 defense while holding Chitin Shield. You last quite along time during a battle, being able to TP dead orcs back to fight, and slowing everyone down. Lvl 42 stun spell is also very helpful. ANY build with more INT than 225 requires lower MP, and you can't hold elixer or wear complete armor.


MP: 255
INT: 102
HP: 4412
MANA: 3650
Defense 711

Lyacon +7 staff
LvL 1 mage armor +7/hp

(same items)

RESULTS: This build is the most popular you see in KO for mages. This is NOT a support mage build, it is for high dmg only. Even though a lyacon +7 and full 255 MP seems like the best build for maximum damage, it doesnt come close to the dmg I do when I use Wreath +7. Maximum damage is in the 900-1100 range with lvl 70 incineration. I do have 4400 HP, however they go fast if the human is STILL attacking you. Killing them faster means you need more damage. Wreath +7 fixes this nicely. There is only one lyacon +8 staff I've seen in Xydonis, and even this staff has far lower AP and flame dmg than my wreath. A good build for high dmg and alot of HP, but not the best dmg possible.

Any questions about mages......feel free to PM me. Hope this helps...

The higher the INT...the more the stun success rate AND how long the stun lasts. HIGH INT also affects how long the slowing lasts when you use ice spells. A full INT mage of 255 + 137 (int armor + int accessories) would stun so much...time would most likely stand still.

MP bonus has NO effect in PVP in the CZ. My total MP would be over 400 if I wore MP set, and the dmg would be over 2000 per spell, and this would make the game unbalanced...according to the KO developers. Only BASE MP counts towards damage.

Another detail about MP...

Only BASE MP affects the damage you do in PVP. MP + base MP is worthless. I can have 255MP + 15...or 255 + 138 wearing all MP armor and accessories, and my damage in the CZ in PVP is the same. The developers of KO knew this, and it would make the game very unbalanced if they allowed bonus MP to inflict damage in PVP as well. I'd have over 400 total MP using MP set, and I would most likely 2-3 hit every player in the game. Just 245 MP with wreath +7 does up to 1450 dmg. Imagine 400 MP....see my point?

BASE MP + bonus has a difference on mobs only. I can do close to 6000 dmg to some mobs using lvl 70 incineration, since the MP is so high with MP armor and accessories. For lvling, use MP set (if HP high and def high enough). For PVP, use HP set only, as MP bonus does nothing.

I've tested INT accessories in the arena. Basically the KO developers were right when I talked to them...the more INT you have period...the more your stun success rate and lasting effect of stun/ice. I have a potential to go 255+103 INT...the far less INT I tested had a much greater effect for slowing/stunning. Base INT AND BONUS is calculated for stun/ice rates.

This will be my next build in the CZ, so beware.

For damage stats.....right now Hermdigi is the hardest hitting mage in the game, no questions asked. My max damage I've done to humans is 1450 one shot, I did 1349 to lordxander just yesterday in the CZ. My ability to tank warriors using 100 spear defense and still having 3419 HP, total 741 defense is also hard to beat. I can 1 v 1 alot of rogues as well using manes..500-600 per hit. Paper mage DOES do alot of damage, and you asked if my damage is maxed right now at 255?

Here's the nice part about that: My MP is only 245 right now :) My Wreath +7 will be going +8 soon, then having AP 93 and flame dmg 96....when i lvl more, then I'll add 10 more to MP, adding even more damage. So at this point, there is still room for even more pain for humans in CZ, so be careful ;)

Also, before when Herm was light/ice..he didn't have 1/2 the items I have now...over 1100 defense as full battle mage with CS, 3980 HP, 7110 MANA, AP 120.....using the best items in KO. The items and defense of humans these's tought to stun them, even at 225 INT (the max INT can use and still hold elixer+8 and full completes). This is why I will test 255+103 INT in PVP.

Hope this explains things...

Hermdigi now carries Wreath of Erenion +8. This staff is ungodly. I have alot of humans on MSN, and some send me a message after their scorching death....the latest high damage is now 1825 to a human. McFlurry, McNugget and others, full dex armor have all received 1375+ damages from me in PvP. That's just with one spell, incineration.

***Continuous damage guide***

Most mages don't bother with continuous damages, they drop their hardest spells and wait for them to reload. This type of guide shows you the maximum damages inflicted using ALL spells possible. This is ideal in attacking a prz that's healing the entire party and other brave warriors tyring to run through enemies. VERY EFFECTIVE to use continuous damages. This is my F3 tab:

Frostbite: continuous damage 5X of 40 or more, also slows them if your lucky with 112 INT.
Ignition: hit the enemy 5 times with this. First shot is 300+, each continous damage following is 30-40 5x. So, you've hit them 5 times = 1500 + 5x 35=165 + 1500 = 1665 over 10 seconds time. This damage will also REOCCUR 5 x...adding 165+ damage.
Hell Fire: hit them once, for 350 - 450. Continuous damage of 4-5x of 50-60 = 200-300 damage over 10 seconds.
Thorn: Initial hit might be (for me) in the 800-1000 range, 120-140 continous damage 1-2x.
Impact: Initial damage (for me) in the 800-1100 range, 120-140 continuous damage 1-2x.
Nova: This one has continuous damage of 40-80, usually 5x or more. The initial hit can be 800-1200.

Manes of fire and red pots are in slot 7 and 8 to tank/heal if I'm being attacked while using this F3 tab.

So when the prz or warrior is standing there, "lube" them up with:

frostbite once, ignition 5x, hellfire 1x, thorn 1x, impact 1x, nova 1x. By the time you get through these spells, the damages adding up are unbelievable. Even the strongest rogues cannot use minor heal to recover lost HP, and must use pots just to cover the damage. Imagine just 1 other attacker with is when I would drop meteor fall followd by incineration. Most are dead at this point.

My spell lists for tabs (F1-F3) are as follows:

F1 tab: for PK

Meteor Fall
Manes of Fire
Red Pot

F2 tab: For scrolls/resistances

Swift pot
AC 300 scroll
1500 Buff Scroll
Lion Scroll
80 Fire resist
50 Ice resist
Ab Power
Teleport: on right click for fast TP of party members

F3 tab: continous damage tab

Manes of Fire
Red Pots

My other F tabs are for aoe.....2 aoe's kill all AK's, 2 novas + inferno kills all DT's. Great EXP if you're alone. No need to ice or run, simply drop all 2 or 3 from where your'e standing.

If you haven't looked already, check out the lvl 70-lvl 80 skills for all classes, they are amazing. I hope we get to see them soon.

new stuff### Additional guide by Szaraczek ### new stuff
Hi all KO players!
I read here about 70 lvl mage at MYKO. Hermdigi describes his build skills and damage. Now I try to add some information from USKO. First diffrence is exp from lvl to lvl for 70++ levels. I thinks at Kalais page are information from MYKO. At USKO is harder from 70 to 71 is 311 540 999 but from 71 to 72 is about 374 m exp. next level 450m, 550m, 668, 812m (75- 76). I think exp increase about 20 -21 % for next levels (if it true 76-77 will about 977m , 77-78 - 1189m, 78-79 - 1430m and 79- 80 about 1700m exp).
(reminder by Kalais - exp points now are correct for USKO here)
Next diffrence between USKO i MYKO is dmg at pvp area. Maybe in PvM area to but I am not sure. I tried only mage mage bulid.

DAMAGE AT PvP (high mp low int):
MP: 255
INT: 70
HP: 7057(with out antiweapon wear)
DEF: 805
4 parts +9/19 hp 1 part 8/15 hp
Lycaon staff +8
2x flame ring +2 ( i will write about addinontial flame dmg from rings) or 2 x Ring of Life
Elemental Pendant +2
Iron belt
Secret Silver Earning +1, Secret Silver Earning +0,

I cant try wreath of erenion +8 but I think Lycaon staff + 8 is better. But my dmg is much lower then Hermdigi with wreath +8 (he wrote 1825dmg). With ROLs my max dmg was 1424. With flame rings about 1600. Of course using inceneration. For me better is high hp low int.

Attack power Lycaon staff +8 is 79 and 76 flame. Wreath +8 i think have 100 ap and 80 flame ( i am not sure). About flame rings. It is good when you have healer in party. Flame ring +2 have 28 def (22 lower then ROL) and some resist. And of course addinontial 60 flame dmg. I try dmg with and without this rings. 2x60 dmg increase my pvp dmg about 200-240 (inceneration). and 100-150 (manes).

MP: 255 + 187 mp + 15 from scroll + 60 addinontial flame damage
INT: 70
unbuffed: 2060 hp 330 def.

I think Mage (special paper) is the best char for exp. Realy. AOE spells are the best . at 62 ++ lvl you have blizard and nova. If you havent lags you can kill aoe all For mage best exp is killing harpy (or raven, crimsons falcons) becouse it flys and when we attack by burst we alway hits. I thnik no one can kill 5 harpy as fast as mages. All mage should have to suits HP and MP. OK lets starts about dmg.In MP suit with + 187 mp + 60 addinontial flame demage is unbelievable. By meteor i hit harpy max 6348 dmg (with absoult power) Nova about 5400 Inceneration.... 7416....(max). Burst about 2100 -2300. all with abolut power. Without meteor -5800, nova 500 inc 6700, burst 1700 - 1900.

About 72 and 75 level skill from paper mage at USKO.
Skills at 72 is fire staff (flame) and mana shield (master). Mana shield is useless for paper mage. It work this way (for example) if someone hit you for 1000 it absord 150 dmg (15%) but take 600 points from your mana. I have 3500 mana and it to low to use this shield. Fire staff hits about 600-700. Little bit low then manes but you can run and hit.
75 lvl skills - fire armor and Instant Magic.
Both skills have long time reload ( 2 min). Fire armor hit first melease who attack you using skill (not R). Hit 1400. Always the same dmg - i am not sure but i think fr not decrease this demage. Instant magic give you one spell with out recast. Use and you see icon like buff. After using spell it desapear but you can use ones more this skill. For expamle inceneration . Combo firearmor +2x inceneration take about 3000-4000dmg! its realy good but it is diffcult use 1. Fire armor, 2. absoult power, 3. instant magic. 4. and 5.. inceneration.
ok. Its all i think. When i will buy complete +8 suit and elixir staff +8 i will reskill to lighting mage and describe stuns

Mage Szaraczek, USKO, Berasmus.

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