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Author: Grid + comment by priestess
Server: Ares - USKO
Race: El Morad

Going to share some of my thought about INT priests

First of all unless you know ppl on humanside you want to play with, go orc.

Orcfemale priest got 10 statpoints more to play around with. And male priest looks like something that arrived from Mars, but anyway.

Here starts the real guide:

Making a priest are in my eyes just alot of compromises.

Unfortunatly you can't combine great HP with high AC and kick ass resistans to weapon and elemental, unless you cheat ofc.

Experimenting is the key, also consider how you played, reflect over your build, what would you say have been it's strenghts and it's weakness(es). From that what would you rather have?

Here's a start:

2 points in int above 100 gives 1 to resist ex. 150 int means you got 25 base resist to all elemental

each point or every second points in HP gives 1 to ac, aint 100 % sure, noticed when i added statpoints in HP my AC increased along with it.

*ALSO, keep in my mind weapon defans(spear/axe/dagger etc) > HP and AC

This means:

*SHELLPRIEST* have good base resistans, low hp, and a big mana bar

I played Shellpriest for along time and fact is unless you got an uber shield, pretty much can say Chitin Shield and uber uniques like IN, IB/GB WE/SSE, ROL/ROC etc
PPL will HIT you very very HARD.

If you still wanna play shell priest and dont got uber uniques/chitinshield, my advise is use spear defans gaunts, and axe defans boots or the other way around axe defans gaunts, and a daggerdefans helmet.

You will sacrifice abit of hp and ac because of this, but also consider that all dmg's except mages and archer dmg are reduced to 80/75 %, if a warrior hit you lets say for 1000, easy example they will only hit you for 800/750, huge diffrence in my eyes, maybe you lose 250/200 hp by doin this, but keep in mind, that dmg is taken away on every hit you recive, priest usually get gangbanged so good exchange. Put a scorpion shield to that and i would say you better than a average priest on each server.

*CHITINPRIEST* did'nt get to try out this build so long but still got a humm about it. Advantages is bigger hp bar basicly, you'll lose alittle ac and resistans and your mana bar will also decrease for a few 100's.

Tips here: use a CHITIN GOBLIN PAULDRON, it saves you statpoints you would have had to put into str/int to use an +7/+8.

That pauldron stated above gives more hp then a +7/12hp and also adds 16 resistans to fire , glacier and lightning, if possible also use CHITIN GOBLIN PADS, saves you even more statpoints to put into hp and more resist.

Many of you probably think goblin pads, is he nuts? it gives str bonus, not hp, just 50 hp....but tehn think of that you saves about 4-5 points to put into hp as stats. Makes upp for the lack of hp on teh pads itself, then also add the same resistans as on the pauldron to it + 10 str bonus, A PRIEST CAN NEVER CARRY TOO MANY POTS.

If you don't want/can't get goblin chitin pads, just use chitin instead. Still same goes for chitin as shell as matter of fact im going to state it above .*

*FULLPLATEPRIEST* (this is my current build) with FP you'll have a way too small mana bar , decent HP, quite low AC and without uniques, poor resistans.

I'll go deeper into to this build because i got the stats in my head and also it's kinda tricky.

Stat 146 to INT, 93 to STR and then rest in hp, this will let you wear the FP daggerhelmet. Use goblin fp pauldron/pads, and then axe/spear defans boots/gaunts.

The stats you have means you either have to use a scorpionshield or a chitinshield pretty much, because of the low str you got.

when your not pking, use +7/hp boots and up to +8/15 hp gaunts and goblin FP helmet.

if you want even more weapon defans ,on ARES for example alot of BP's uses clubs, then use club defans pads instead of goblin, you'll lose some hp but as i said at teh top, making a priest is about compromises.

I'll leave platebuild and full hp build to someone else to guide you trough, Fest0 might explain the platebuild properly

**************************SOME TIPS IN PVP***************************

* Keep your mana high, use souls as much as you can when you fight when ever you can slip one in to fill up your manabar.

*Use alot of hp pots, this is tricky, to be able to mix hp and soul pots, here is SHELLBUILD's strenghts, it got a bigger mana bar that gives you a time buffert in pvp. with otherbuilds you most likely end up spamming soulpots when fighting.

also use hp pots to pot up your hp bar when in a pursuit, only stop to heal if you think you have to. Otherwise your party will get up ahead and you will lose valuable time runing when you could be curing/healing/debuffing instead.

*Don't look blindly on your own hp/partylist, look around you, who is most likely to be hit next, be prepared. Be fast with cures, if teh partymembers hp are low and if he's duffed, slip a heal on him before curing.

Work fast and calm, try to not stress yourself to much, if ppl start whining on you, tell them to SHUT UP, being a priest is hard. Stress is good to a certain point, after that point you just dont know what to do and most likely end up doin nothing.

*Unless your sure you can drop a debuff without members dying, rather heal then debuff. A dead attacker can't kill a duffed target.

*Sins and warriors who's comboing makes you casting fail, can't do alot to archers standing at range, but if they come up close and stands next to you. As soon as you see teh casting fails coming up in your info box, take 1 or more steps forward. This will put you outside their "r hit range" skills got abit longer range then r. This means the r hit will miss but skill hit, skill won't make your casting fail.
So by moving around you can prevent ppl from canceling your heals/cures/debuffs

*************************ITEMS TO LONG FOR**************************





Please feel free to share YOUR thoughts and tips, this is the what i can think of right now

Sincerely Grid

### Comment by priestess ###

Thx for sharing Grid.

As full healer with chitin goblins (mana round 4k) i do get in trouble with my mana somethimes, i find it hard to combine potting hp and mana at the same time.

Also i like duffing to much. If we don't have a full int. duffer in the party, I like to go in in front of the warriors, trow of a torment, cast a full group heal (-> just enough time/hp/fire ress to survive the first wave of nova's comming at me -> this i couldn't do as shell priest) and then stay in the middle, cure'ing/healing. (below lvl 68 u won't have this luxuory)

Mind if i add some stuff?

designate a party leader, usually (the best) warrior, and stick with him, no matter where others might run off to. - try run beside him at all times.v Full healers stay in the middle of the party, and order u're party to stick together.
-> makes u're job so much easier. no running after people and they shouldn't be complaining for no heals.

Cure the mage first - he can tp dead people back and he's vunrable.
Cure the warrior second if it's massive - the best defence is offence.
Rogues can mostly take care of themselfves.
Take care of the full healer, if he dies, most likely u'll get owned.

If u time u're spam full healing right, u can cast 1 other skill in between heals.

Most importantly, imo, is: PK with people u know and are on ventrillo with.

And i'm looking forward to more Pk'ing with Grid and Illu, i've had the plesure a few times, they got excelent teamwork and Grid's an outstanding priest.

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