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Here you can find some movies from Knight Online. I puted here movies which I personally like and which shows in my opinion something interesting. I haven't seen all movies from KO so prolly I will add something here. Click on name of movie to download it. If you made or you got link to any interesting movie please post it here.

TIP: Some movies are hosted on rapidshare site. How to download movies from rapidshare? Scroll down page and click free. Wait till seconds remaining to download reach 0. Enter the code which apear and click download.

Title Description Quality Size
new stuff
Knight Online TV commercial
Must see! TV commercial of Knight Online game. Realy nice done! 640x480 (high) 4 MB
Knight Online Opening Rendered animation from Knight Online o.O must see! 720x480 (high) 3 MB
Knight Online Ending Another rendered animation from Knight Online o.O must see! 720x480 (high) 5 MB
Knight Online Alpha Movie showing old school Knight Online, veeery old version, looking, hmm, interesting. And this pk techniques ;) I think it is the 1st pk ko movie ever. 720 x 480 (medium) 72 MB
Delos Battle Movie showing delos siege war, 2 el morad clans fighting, old version KO, lvl 60 spells looking like 45, but veeery nice movie, AOE looks great. 640 x 480 (medium) 35 MB
Blood Great Hits In my opinion best movie from KO. Showing good teamplay at pk, aoe DM's and making clan quest. Leeroy! ;) Karus. 640x480 (medium) 50 MB
0000000's Trailer Trailer of movie showing pro-assassin pking and soloing DM. Made by 0000000. El Morad. 640x480 (medium) 53 MB
0000000 part 2 One of the most wanted video, full version of 0000000 pking movie. El Morad. 640x480 (medium) 146 MB
Symbolic - When the lions wake Movie showing town bombing before KE. Karus. 1024x768 (high) 50 MB
Symbolic.wmv Pking in cz with symbolic clan from camaz0tz (lightning mage) view. Karus. I can't find link to it, so I will upload it soon. 720x480 (medium) 82 MB
Volume Up Pking in colony zone with high level party from lightning mage view. Karus 720x576 (medium) 110 MB
KittiesT_T Another pking in colony zone with high level party from lightning mage view. Karus 640x480 (medium) 97 MB
Clash of the Titans Veeery nice video, showin pkin with difrent pro chars and lot of duels of pro chars. Movie by oks. 640x480 (medium) 54 MB
The Untouchables Pk movie from priest's view. usko ares server. Another movie by oks. el morad 640x480 (medium) 41 MB
Mushroom Soldiers Scenes from pk lvl 70 war and from priest and some duels. Another movie by oks. el morad 640x480 (medium) 57 MB
Greatest Hits - Hatred Mix from other oks' movies. Scenes from pk lvl 70 war and from priest and some duels. el morad 640x480 (medium) 81 MB
Ares PK Small party of high levels pking. Warrior's view. Karus. 720x480 (medium) 32 MB
Affens PK v1.0 Solo lvl 65 Warrior pking. Karus. El Morad. 720x480 (medium) 54 MB
Infamous Hits Vol.2 - HitMachine Pking from little Warrior's view. Solo and party scenes. El Morad. 640x480 (medium) 76 MB
Pwnage in cz! Forazzi and Murtaza pking. The power of warrior and duff/healer. Karus. I can't find link to it, so I will upload it soon. 720x576 (medium) 101 MB
Tribute to the orc staff! camaz0tz pking and stuning wif orc staff, so funny. Karus. 640x480 (high) 42 MB
Another day on Olympia Warrior killin' mobs (repotting ;) ) and pkin'. el morad 720x480 (medium) 29 MB
Nobody gets out alive Very good geared assassin on pk trip. Karus. 640x480 (medium) 67 MB
Olympia Mainly pking scenes from priest view, some scenes with low levels and low grade items, nice. 640x480 (medium) 94 MB
Magix - story about xigeon Battle Priest Magix pking in cz. Karus. 320x240 (low) 12 MB
Tiocfaidh Ar La - Magix - Part 2 Another most wanted video, second part of Battle Priest Magix movie. 640x480 (medium) 73 MB
Tiocfaidh Ar La - Leerok Creation Tiocfaidh Ar La clan riding and raping human town. Karus. 720x576 (medium) 41 MB
4 vs 4 4 el morad vs 4 karus, all high levels, nice battle + talking on ventrilo. 640x480 (medium) 75 MB
_Alcazer_ vs Tam_Tam & :Sert_Cocuk: Karus Warrior vs 2x el morad sin. 720x480 (medium) 23 MB
XP Raęd & NYchręs Vs Krakatoa Karus Warrior killin' XP party and duel - NY vs Kraka 640x480 (medium) 41 MB
Talos High lvl guys killin Talos in 28 sec. Karus. 720x480 (medium) 6 MB
PerpetousDreamer vs DM Warrior killing Dark Mare without priest. Karus. 640x480 (medium) 10 MB
new stuff
A Knight Online Love Story
Mega funny and well made movie. Love Story in Knight Online world. 720x480 (medium) 78 MB
new stuff
A Knight Online Love Story - part 2
Second part of KO love story, not so good as part 1, but also very funny. 720x480 (medium) 70 MB
Fun Fun Funny and well made video, scenes from colony, wars etc. 640x480 (medium) 80 MB
new stuff
Very old movie from MYKO Patos server. Rogue luring orcs to moradon which killing merchants. Don't do try this at home! ;) 512x384 (low) 20 MB
Cheater Clan - song about sultans Title says everything, funny work. 720x576 (medium) 24 MB

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