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Author: FlyingArrows
Server: USKO
Race: El Morad

^ Rogue Archer guide v1.06 ^

This is an updated but pre-firedrake version!
Most things still apply though

I will try to keep it short and very simple.
If you have any questions or comments feel free to write here.


The key ingredients for levelling an archer are the following:
- only DEX matters, the more the better (specially at low level)
- find the monster that you can kill before it can kill you and gives at least decent XP
- whenever possible party up with other archers and kill with Z + ARC (easier, longer xp sessions)
- using only the 480 blue pots will save a lot of money in the long run


To finish the quests you need to bring varies items to 'Secret Agent Clarence'.
She is located in Asga (human) and Bellua (orc).

LVL 60 (you gain 6.5% attack power and able to wear shell armour)
- 1 tail of shaula (shaula boss)
- 1 tail of lesath (lesath boss in colony zone)
- 1 fang of bakirra (bakirra boss in colony zone)
- 10 blood of glyptodont
- 10 crystals
- 10 opals
- 10 crude sapphires

LVL 62 (enables you to use magic shield; uses 1 'stone of rogue' each time)
- 1 kekury ring (kecoon boss and regular kecoons)
- 30 crystals
- 5 million coins

LVL 70 (enables the use of dark pursuer)
- 1 magic shield (so this will be your 2nd)
- 1 fang of bakirra (bakirra boss in colony zone)
- 1 silver bar
- 50 tentacles
- 20 cursed bones
- 30 blood of glyptodont
- 5 abyss wings (not 20 as it says in game)


Unlike warriors we archers can not carry a lot of items around.
Fortunately there is a way to be able to carry more items though.

Upgrade all 5 parts of the cheapest armour for rogues to +6/7/8 with STR on it.
When needed switch your regular armour with the 'strength set', fill up your inventory and switch back to your regular armour.

Please note that you are now overloaded and therefore at this time you are not able loot items from monsters nor can you trade with anyone or receive any 'Power Up Store' items.

Also this can be seen as bug-abuse, but then again so can 'comboing' and 'far-buffing HP'.
These 'errors' have been in KO since the very beginning and are still here today.


PK for an archer starts at level 60 because that is when you get the skill Shadow Hunter.
It has the same % damage as ARC shot, but it will hit 100% sure within a reasonable distance assuming there is no tree or other object in the arrow's way.

From my experience of all characters mages are the most dangerous for archers, because like archers they are fairly ranged too.
Second would be sin's, because of the stealth, lightfeet and high damage dealing in a short time.

You will have to realise an archer is not melee, you are supposed to do damage from a (safe) distance.
Being archer means you got to run/flee a lot, which can be really funny seeing that even the fattest warriors cannot even touch you.
If played right, you should not die that much, of course mistakes can be made and lag happens.

With that said archers unfortunately have the disadvantage of not doing that much damage.
Solution: party up with one or more archers (2 archers damage equals ~1 sin damage).
Add a duff-priest and you got NP raining from the skies.


Usually it is best to use light feet while doing PK.
Quickly retreating or stepping in can be vital.


You will find styxing very useful in PvP as it drains most if not all of your targets mana at once, giving you and/or your party slightly more time for an action.
Shooting a styx takes a little bit longer then shooting a 'normal' arrow so you will need to time it right.

Unfortunately styxes are very heavy.
This is where your strength-set is very useful.


I'm not sure why but I got the feeling not many archers use their hide skill, while this is one of the best skills archers have.
Granted you can not walk while using the skill, but still it makes you completely invisible to unsuspecting enemies.


This is also one of the critical skills as it enables you to see invisible enemies within a certain range.
Keep in mind that in a party only the one who uses lupine eyes sees the icon in the top right corner.


Use magic shield wisely, it has a long loading time but it will save your life a lot.
Preventing mages from doing major damage on you and also prevents you from being stunned, slowed, legcut and screamed (most of the time that is).


Your ability to cure yourself and others is another great advantage.
Curing with scrolls on will 'give' back the scrolls where as without scrolls you will have to get yourself a new buff.

The only downside to it is that the cure pots used for the skill are very heavy.
Again your strength-set is very useful.

The skill safety is mostly used for levelling since it gives 400 AC instead of the priest's 300 AC.
It does not last for long though.

For PvP it can be useful if you get debuffed without you using a AC scroll.
But it might be better to get new buffs at that point.


You can use a poison arrow to keep te enemy from hiding and stealthing because of the continuous (low) damage the poison inflicts.

The fire arrow only seems useful for killing of monuments (more damage in less time).

Hopefully things change for the better in the upcoming KO expansion.
A few new useful skills for the current available levels would be nice plus some new skills for level 70+.


Try to have high mana at all times.
Like '0000000' said, mana equals health.

Although we archers can not minor heal while attacking, it still is a huge help to stay alive.
No mana means you will be depending on your heal pots.


The skill bar order does not really matter, as long as you can find the right keys when needed.
It is good to overlap certain skills and pots.

Example for level 62+:
F1 (mostly levelling)
1= dark pursuer/shadow hunter
2= safety
3= arc shot
4= arrow shower
5= minor heal
6= blue
7= red
8= swift

F2 (mostly colony zone)
1= dark pursuer/shadow hunter
2= wolf (right click for levelling)
3= lightfeet
4= lupine eyes
5= minor heal
6= blue
7= red
8= hide

F3 (support)
1= dark pursuer/shadow hunter
2= styx (right click for Colony Zone)
3= lightfeet
4= magic shield
5= minor heal
6= blue
7= red
8= cure curse

F4 (scrolls and other)
1= poison arrow skill
3= lightfeet
4= empty
5= scroll of teleport
6= dex scroll
7= AC scroll
8= HP scroll


You will have to find your own balance between AP, AC, HP and Resistance.
Create or buy your armour and jewellery accordingly.

In my opinion archers should always be focussed on attack power, then resistance, health points and lastly defence.
Otherwise you are going to be a fast-walking-healing-zombie, doing not much damage and for a great deal be depending on luck to get NP (last-hit-kills).


Armour with weapon defences on it can be extremely helpful if you can switch to the appropriate pieces in time.
It will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the attacker's weapon on you.
e.g.: dagger defence versus assassins and goblin armour with it's resistances versus mages.

You can also create 'talia skins' for each weapon defence.
See the quest window by clicking the Q button for more information on the subject.
Be aware that you cannot repair this kind of armour and with just a few acid potions thrown on the talia it will be useless.

As archer you can have multiple things to do other then the "regular shooting".

You can help the party (general):
1) keep luping on as much as possible
2) swift and re-swift slow party members
3) styxing people in general, it will cause some people to get confused and other people to want to kill you which is exactly what you want since you cannot shoot while walking.

You can help the party (defensive):
4) healing your party members
5) curing your party members
6) styxing incoming damage dealers that were not noticed soon enough by other members of the party
(assassin, swifted warrior and swifted battle priest).
7) styxing lightning mages specially if you solo is a must

You can help the party (offensive):
7) healing the most HP/AC'ed party member creating a more effective tanker
8) styxing (fleeing) rogues/priests preventing them to heal themselves and/or others or use any mana skills for that matter


I think a lot depends on the actual party formation, but these two seem to be the most common profiles.

Shoot-to-kill order:
1) all paper characters (aka: t-shirt morons)
2) archer
3) mage
4) assassin
5) warrior
6) priest

Tactical order:
1) full healer
2) debuffer
3) lightning mage
4) ice mage
5) archer
6) assassin
7) all paper characters (aka: t-shirt morons)
8) fire mage
9) warrior


- A lot of people say archers KS, this is simply not true.
Just because melee need to come close to be able to do damage and probably do more 1vs1-damage, does not mean archers KS.
Anyone can have a lucky last-hit-kill, archers just avoid risk because of the ranged attack.

- Most people think they can recognize a cheating archer while in fact they can not.
Create an archer yourself and level it up to level 35 while someone you know is closely watching your character doing this.
Then do it the other way around meaning you are closely watching that person level to up to level 35.
This will help you see all the visual bugs the archer character has, which does not mean someone is cheating.
Now go look for cheaters, you will notice the differences.


Taugrim's Guide for Rogue-Archer: Impressive guide by 'Taugrim'.


I would like to thank the following people for the additional information and corrections:
- 'd00mwarrior'
- 'vardom'
- 'knightonlinegamer'
- 'Liquidgel04'
- 'pol818gozp'

If I think of more to add, I will.
Suggestions and corrections are of course very much welcome!

~ FlyingArrows

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