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Author: oks (F9DeviL) + comment by Yun_Yuuzhan
Server: Ares - USKO
Race: El Morad (oks), Karus (yun)

So, someone someone PMed me for info about playing a warrior and how to combo etc.
While typing up my reply, I decided to turn it into a small guide for you all here and try to set an example like zero did for everyone.

1. Skill bar

First Page

1 - HP Pot
2 - Mana Pot
3 - Sword Dancing
4 - Scream
5 - Legcut

Second Page

1 - Binding
2-5 Scrolls

This is my personal skillbar, I use attack skill on 3 because it is in between r and w/s so it is easy for me to reach. I use binding on the 2nd page just because it's my preference, you can use it on the first page 6-8 or w/e.

2. Weapon Types

Raptor -
I personally prefer a Raptor because of its range and it deals more damage than any other weapon.

Dual Wielding -
If you are planning on using dual wields, you MUST have a totamic spear as on of your weapons, simply because it is the best 1 handed warrior weapon.

Totamic Spear : A MUST have for dual wielders.
Impact : Probably the second best one handed weapon as far as AP
Graham : Decent 1 handed weapon, not as good as Impact
Gig Axe : Good hp/resist bonuses but not great AP.
Hanguk Sword : An impact may be better/worse or equal, not sure.

Dual wielding is suppose to be "faster" but comboing pretty much negates the effect. I believe dual wield does interupt more often however. People have claimed that dual wield is better for bosses, but I still prefer the raptor.

Gigantic Axe -
Great for its bonuses, good for a switch off weapon if someone is using spear defenses, a +8 is better than a +8 raptor because of it's bonuses.

Mirage Sword -
Mostly used as a last resort weapon for people using extreme weapon defense armors, if this is the case a Mirage Sword is invaluable.

3. Accesories/Armors

This section is to explain what you are looking for when creating a warrior as far accessories and armor. It is organized from Most Expensive/Expensive/Mediocre/Cheap As you may have noticed, the most expensive is the best item for Warrior.

Accessories -

Pendant : Iron Necklace/Warrior Pendant/Amulet of Strength/Lupus Pendant
Belt : (all most expensive)Skeleton, Iron, Glass Belts, Bronze Belt, Kekuri Belt
Earrings : Warrior/Platinum Earrings, Opal Earrings
Rings : Ring of Courage, Diamond Rings

Armor -
For a warrior, shell makes a pretty large difference in comparison to chitin, that is why unlike rogue and priest it is sought after much higher. Unless you are a duper or quite lucky you'll have to settle with 7/12 most of the time. Unless your shell is +7/12 I advise you to use chitins 7/12 or +8/15 ones instead, because the Ap difference will make up for the minimal defense loss.

Special Defense Armors :
For a solo warrior, defense armors are often crucial if you want to take on more than just 1 person. Try to have a dagger and a spear helm handy for these situations. These defense armors can also combat debuffs and alot you to continue the fight.

4. Combo Aspect

Tanking Combo -
There are various versions of the tank combo from which you can choose from based on what you prefer.

W/S R Combo :
My personal favorite combo for its movement which allows you to move freely during the combo. To use this combo press R to run at your target, once you reach your target press R + 3 (skill) at the same time. After your first skill use, tap W or S depending on your range from the target, after this quickly pess R + 3 (skill) again. Rinse and repeat. You'll have to develop the correct timing to use this combo effectively.

R+R Combo :
I personally do not use this combo because it doesn't allow you much movement in your attack. However, this combo is performed by tapping R+R twice and then 3 (skill). This combo is pure timing and can easily be messed up, in my opinion.

Running Combo -
Comboing with R and skill on a moving target. I find it quite difficult to pot with this combo, so I just make sure to kill my opponent before they can run too far .

W+R Combo :
Holding W down, press R + 3 (skill) on your opponent as they run.

To practice the combos above, especially the tank combos, use Apostles or Stone Golems. Bosses are also a great way to test the endurance of your combo over time.

5. Potting

Well, in Ares at least if you solo be prepared to carry a mountain of HP pots for all the mages. It's a bit difficult for me to explain the potting of a lvl 60+ warrior because 70+ is completely different. I'd like to start with this, DONT COUNT ON YOUR PRIESTS TO HEAL YOU EVERY 2 SECONDS WHEN YOU ARE IN A PARTY TAKE IT UPON YOURSELF TO STAY ALIVE IF NEED BE, ok with that out of the way lets move on.

Learning to pot properly is more important than comboing can ever be, all though they do coincide. It's all about timing and personal judgement depending on your opponent. Just remember that 0 mana is death in a 1v1, make sure you time it correctly. Often in an open CZ fight I instantly soul pot after 1 attack, no matter what my mana is this allows me to hp pot more later on and will keep my mana at full. The main point is to soulpot at the least crucial times and allow yourself to have always have the HP pot choice at all times.

I do realize that this section is a bit weak, but potting isn't something that can be taught, rather you just have to practice it until you are comfortable enough.

Zzz this forum doesn't allow spacing in posts, oh well. This guide is of me 2005, blah blah. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
This was a bit of a rushed guide, just typing what comes to my mind. Took all of 15 minutes.

### Comment by Yun_Yuuzhan ###

Good guide. Here's my comments:

I still use

1 - HP Pot
2 - MP Pot
3 - Legcut
4- SD
5- Scream

as my setup, with binding on 6 and scrolls on the second page. I find in most battles, I use legcut, SD, scream, followed by a soul pot unless I'm taking heavy damage. I never change a skillbar once I get used to it because that's how you lose 1v1 at the most embarassing times.

I agree with you that the Raptor is the best weapon for the warrior, period. I do use the 2h gigantic axe a lot too though because of the health bonus, resists, greater attack speed, and the fact that so many people use spear defense on Ares that the axe actually hits harder most of the time. Not to mention all of the mages on the human side.

I believe dual wield is useless, I've tested it thoroughly on bosses and in PK and it does not hit as fast as most people would have you believe. My raptor always did fine. It has also killed countless dual wielding warriors who believed their 'speed' would be able to 'overwhelm' me.

Mirage sword is a very sneaky strategy, an alternative (for Ares at least) is the hellbreaker. I borrowed one from a friend back in August or so and was hitting buffed people higher than either the gig ax or raptor, because NO ONE wore club defense. (And it was only +7)

I used Iron Neck Skele Belt Dual WE Dual RoC, and the only thing I was disappointed with was the lack of AP. However, my resists, defense, and health sure made up for it. I still think I could've hit harder though. (I never did get a raptor +8 for myself, in tests when I borrwed one it only raised my overall AP by roughly 80 or so.)

Now to the armor thing. For the longest time, I advocated chitin over shell, since most people who see a chitin warrior will think 'Noob!' and run to try to 1v1 you. (I made about 15k of my total NP because of that. ) However, shell does give enough of a defensive boost for it to really be essential to be competitive at the highest levels, *as long as it is at least 1 grade higher than your chitin.* Recently, I made 2 +8 chitin pieces by throwing my old chitin set onto the anvil. (Carsomyr, if you are still around, those pads are the ones you sold SoulSlayer to give to me back in Dec '04.) The pads and the boots went to +8, and collectively they have 3 less defense but 6 more strength than my +7 shell pieces. However, I doubt that the difference is really worth going for unless you happen to have access to a full +8 chitin set (in which case the defensive loss might be too great).

I think we can agree that +8 shell is best, though.

Defense armors are so necessary it isn't funny. I used to think full shell warriors didn't need them. That's how I lost 1v1 to NYchris, I didn't put on my dagger helm. (For round 2, I did, and we fought until he ran out of pots and got intimate with the business end of my raptor. ) I carry spear, axe, sword, dagger, and club defense. How much of each depends on a number of factors. I tend to only really use it when I'm debuffed though, which is probably a weakness in my strategy that I should learn to address.

As to comboing: In the past, I've widely (and blatantly) regarded comboing to be cheating, especially considering that warriors already have a spammable attack, but the last three months' solace from this game have given me time to reconsider my viewpoint. Comboing is almost universally accepted as a part of the game, and even the developers condone it, so therefore, it is legal according to the majority of the community. Above all, it is the community that decides what is and isn't cheating, within reason.

I do know how to combo, as I played a rogue briefly on Beramus, but I never got to the point where I could effectively use it while moving. I expect this to change in the months to come, however.

Potting: Agreed again, it isn't really something that can be taught. I'll share how I usually handle it though, and hope it helps:

In PK:
Pot red if you are under attack serious enough to risk death in the next few seconds. (unless you're cocky enough to think you can take your target down with you, in which case, pot blue and mail me the result )
Pot blue if you are under half mana and not in danger of dying. Keep your mana as full as possible, I can't count the number of times a target escaped because they had one hit left and I had no mana. If your priest is good and not shouting that hes lagging over vent/TS, keep potting blue to finish off your targets ASAP, but throw an hp pot in here and there if you must to make sure you do not enter redball range.

In boss hunting/XP:

Only pot blue if you have one or two SD's left, depending on your max mana.
Pot red if you are below half health (if in cz.) You may want to pot more often depending on how many of the opposing race is out and what boss you are fighting.

Your priest should always be your primary source of heals, but he can't just heal you, or he will die.

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